Herd Plural, What is the plural of Herd?

Meaning: a large group of animals.

Plural of Herd

Singular Plural
Herd Herds

Herd as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The shepherd guided the herd of sheep.
  2. The ranger observed a majestic elephant herd in the wild.
  3. The rancher managed the cattle herd
  4. The guide pointed out the leader of the wildebeest herd.
  5. The zookeeper monitored the health of the giraffe herd.
  6. The herd of bison moved across the grassland in search of food.
  7. The researcher studied the migration patterns of the wildebeest herd.
  8. The guide provided interesting facts about the herd of elephants.
  9. The park ranger monitored the behavior of the deer herd.
  10. The conservationist worked to protect the endangered rhino herd.

Herd as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The ranchers raised and managed multiple herds of cattle.
  2. The national park is home to several wild animal herds.
  3. The photographer captured stunning images of migrating wildebeest herds.
  4. The researchers observed the social dynamics within elephant herds.
  5. The conservationists worked to preserve the genetic diversity of the bison herds.
  6. The guides led the visitors to observe the different zebra herds.
  7. The ranger guided the tour group to a hidden valley with grazing deer herds.
  8. The wildlife documentary showcased the migration patterns of various animal herds.
  9. The park implemented measures to prevent conflicts between lion herds and local communities.
  10. The ranger provided information about the behavior of the buffalo herds.

Singular Possessive of Herd

The singular possessive form of “Herd” is “Herd’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Herd:

  1. The shepherd ensured the herd’s safety and well-being.
  2. She witnessed the herd’s migration across the plains.
  3. The rancher took pride in the herd’s healthy and robust appearance.
  4. The predator’s presence threatened the herd’s security.
  5. The herdsman managed the herd’s movement with expertise.
  6. The herd’s leader guided the group with authority.
  7. The ranch protected the herd’s grazing lands from encroachment.
  8. The herd’s behavior reflected the changing seasons.
  9. The harmony within the herd’s dynamics fascinated researchers.
  10. The herd’s size determined its impact on the ecosystem.

Plural Possessive of Herd

The plural possessive form of “Herd” is “Herds'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Herd:

  1. The farmers managed multiple herds’ movements in the pasture.
  2. The open grazing land accommodated various herds’ needs.
  3. The cowboys rounded up the herds’ cattle for branding.
  4. The ranchers collaborated to protect the herds’ shared territory.
  5. The herders guided the herds’ migration along designated routes.
  6. The herds’ interactions influenced the behavior of individual animals.
  7. The ecosystem relied on the balance of multiple herds’ populations.
  8. The farmers took pride in their herds’ healthy and robust appearance.
  9. The local economy thrived on the herds’ livestock trade.
  10. The biodiversity of the region benefited from the herds’ grazing patterns.

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