Hovercraft Plural, What is the plural of Hovercraft?

Meaning: a vehicle or craft that travels over land or water on a cushion of air provided by a downward blast.

Plural of Hovercraft

Singular Plural
Hovercraft Hovercrafts

Hovercraft as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hovercraft glided smoothly over the water’s surface.
  2. He controlled the direction of the hovercraft using a joystick.
  3. The military used hovercraft for amphibious operations.
  4. She marveled at the speed of the racing hovercraft.
  5. The hovercraft generated a cushion of air beneath it.
  6. The engineer designed a powerful engine for the hovercraft.
  7. He enjoyed the thrill of riding in a fast hovercraft.
  8. The hovercraft effortlessly traveled over various terrains.
  9. The tourists took a scenic tour on the river in a hovercraft.
  10. The pilot skillfully maneuvered the hovercraft through narrow channels.

Hovercraft as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The military deployed several hovercrafts for the operation.
  2. They observed the synchronized movement of the racing hovercrafts.
  3. The tourists were amazed by the agility of the maneuvering hovercrafts.
  4. The company manufactured advanced hovercrafts for commercial use.
  5. The engineers tested the stability of different-sized hovercrafts.
  6. The fleet of hovercrafts provided efficient transportation across the lake.
  7. The sailors operated the controls of the military hovercrafts.
  8. The company introduced a new model of recreational hovercrafts.
  9. The passengers boarded the spacious cabin of the luxury hovercrafts.
  10. The enthusiasts gathered to watch the race among the speedy hovercrafts.

Singular Possessive of Hovercraft

The singular possessive form of “Hovercraft” is “Hovercraft’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Hovercraft:

  1. Hovercraft’s design allows it to travel over water and land.
  2. We admired the speed of Hovercraft’s propulsion system.
  3. Hovercraft’s cushion of air provides a smooth ride.
  4. Hovercraft’s versatility makes it suitable for various environments.
  5. We studied Hovercraft’s engineering principles.
  6. The noise from Hovercraft’s engines was deafening.
  7. Hovercraft’s maneuverability impressed us.
  8. The control panel of Hovercraft’s was filled with buttons and switches.
  9. Hovercraft’s lift fans created a cushion of air.
  10. We observed Hovercraft’s stability in rough waters.

Plural Possessive of Hovercraft

The plural possessive form of “Hovercraft” is “Hovercrafts'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Hovercraft:

  1. We marveled at the maneuverability of the hovercrafts’.
  2. The engines of the hovercrafts’ were powerful.
  3. We studied the technology behind the hovercrafts’ cushion of air.
  4. The design of the hovercrafts’ allowed them to traverse various terrains.
  5. The control panels of the hovercrafts’ were filled with switches and dials.
  6. We observed the hovercrafts’ stability in choppy waters.
  7. The hovercrafts’ lift fans generated a cushion of air.
  8. We examined the propulsion systems of the hovercrafts’.
  9. The noise from the hovercrafts’ engines was deafening.
  10. The hovercrafts’ versatility made them suitable for different missions.

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