Tweezers Plural, What is the Plural of Tweezers?

Meaning: a small instrument like a pair of pincer

Plural of Tweezers

Singular Plural
tweezers tweezers

Tweezers as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She used a pair of tweezers to pluck her eyebrows.
  2. The beautician used tweezers to shape the client’s brows.
  3. He carefully removed the splinter with tweezers.
  4. The surgeon sterilized the tweezers before the procedure.
  5. She held the tweezers steady to extract a tiny hair.
  6. The tweezers have a slanted tip for precise grip.
  7. He dropped the small object and used tweezers to pick it up.
  8. The manicurist used tweezers to position a rhinestone on the nail.
  9. The tweezers came in a handy travel-sized case.
  10. She misplaced her tweezers and couldn’t find them.

Tweezers as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They sell different types of tweezers for various purposes.
  2. The beauty store offers a wide selection of high-quality tweezers.
  3. They use sterilized tweezers in the salon for hygienic purposes.
  4. The kit includes multiple pairs of precision tweezers.
  5. They misplaced their tweezers and couldn’t find any.
  6. The jeweler used specialized tweezers to handle delicate gemstones.
  7. The medical kit contains various instruments, including tweezers.
  8. They stocked up on disposable tweezers for convenience.
  9. The technician used tweezers to assemble the intricate components.
  10. The magnifying glass helped them see better while using the tweezers.

Singular Possessive of Tweezers

The singular possessive form of “Tweezers” is “Tweezers’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Tweezers:

  1. I used Tweezers’s sharp tip to pluck hair.
  2. The grip on Tweezers’s handle was comfortable.
  3. I cleaned the dirt off Tweezers’s pointed ends.
  4. The precision of Tweezers’s grip was impressive.
  5. I lost Tweezers’s protective cap somewhere.
  6. Tweezers’s stainless steel material made it durable.
  7. The tweezing motion of Tweezers’s was smooth.
  8. I found Tweezers’s slanted tip useful for shaping brows.
  9. The ends of Tweezers’s were coated with rubber.
  10. I stored Tweezers’s in a small case for safekeeping.

Plural Possessive of Tweezers

The plural possessive form of “Tweezers” is “Tweezers'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Tweezers:

  1. All the Tweezers’ tips were sanitized before use.
  2. The edges of the Tweezers’ were sharp and precise.
  3. I kept track of the Tweezers’ location using a tray.
  4. The grips on the Tweezers’ handles were ergonomic.
  5. I organized the Tweezers’ according to their sizes.
  6. The angles of the Tweezers’ tips varied slightly.
  7. I examined the cleanliness of the Tweezers’ under a light.
  8. The case for the Tweezers’ was compact and portable.
  9. I labeled the different types of Tweezers’ for easy identification.
  10. The tension on the Tweezers’ was adjustable.

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