Starfruit Plural, What is the Plural of Starfruit?

Meaning: another term for carambola

Plural of Starfruit

Singular Plural
starfruit starfruits

 Synonyms of Starfruit

  • sweet fruit
  • fruit
  • carambola
  • averrhoa

Starfruit as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The exotic starfruit is a tropical delicacy.
  2. The chef garnished the dish with sliced starfruit.
  3. She took a bite of the juicy starfruit.
  4. The vendor sold ripe starfruit at the market.
  5. The fruit salad included chunks of sweet starfruit.
  6. The smoothie was flavored with tangy starfruit.
  7. The recipe called for fresh starfruit
  8. The tree in our garden bore ripe starfruit.
  9. The tropical punch was garnished with slices of starfruit.
  10. The dessert was topped with a carved starfruit

Starfruit as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The grocery store had a special on starfruit.
  2. They bought a dozen ripe starfruit at the market.
  3. The recipe called for three cups of diced starfruit.
  4. The smoothie was made with fresh, ripe starfruit.
  5. The exotic fruit salad contained various sliced starfruit.
  6. The chef prepared a platter of colorful sliced starfruit.
  7. The farmers harvested baskets of ripe starfruit.
  8. The punch bowl was filled with freshly squeezed starfruit
  9. The fruit vendor offered discounts on ripe starfruit.
  10. They enjoyed the tangy taste of the ripe starfruit.

Singular Possessive of Starfruit

The singular possessive form of “Starfruit” is “Starfruit’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Starfruit:

  1. The sweetness of Starfruit’s flavor delighted my taste buds.
  2. I sliced Starfruit’s ripe flesh for a refreshing snack.
  3. The tropical aroma of Starfruit’s fragrance filled the room.
  4. I marveled at the unique shape of Starfruit’s cross-section.
  5. Starfruit’s vibrant yellow color added visual appeal to the dish.
  6. I savored the tanginess of Starfruit’s juice.
  7. The texture of Starfruit’s skin felt smooth to the touch.
  8. I admired Starfruit’s star-shaped appearance.
  9. Starfruit’s popularity has grown in recent years.
  10. I enjoyed the versatility of Starfruit’s culinary uses.

Plural Possessive of Starfruit

The plural possessive form of “Starfruit” is “Starfruits'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Starfruit:

  1. The flavors of the starfruits’ juices blended perfectly.
  2. I used the starfruits’ slices to garnish the dessert.
  3. The fragrance of the starfruits’ ripened flesh filled the kitchen.
  4. I admired the uniformity of the starfruits’ sizes.
  5. Starfruits’ bright colors added vibrancy to the fruit bowl.
  6. I enjoyed the refreshing taste of the starfruits’ nectar.
  7. The texture of the starfruits’ pulp was juicy and firm.
  8. I experimented with different recipes using starfruits’ tangy flavor.
  9. The market was filled with various sizes of starfruits’.
  10. I appreciated the tropical origin of the starfruits’.

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