Two Plural, What is the Plural of Two?

Meaning: equivalent to the sum of one & one

Plural of Two

Singular Plural
two twos

Two as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Two is the minimum number required for this task.
  2. Can you spare two minutes of your time?
  3. The recipe calls for two
  4. I bought two tickets to the concert.
  5. He needs two cups of sugar for the recipe.
  6. There are only two options to choose from.
  7. I have two siblings, a brother and a sister.
  8. I need to buy two new tires for my car.
  9. We have two rooms available for tonight.
  10. Can you please bring me two glasses of water?

Two as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I counted two birds on the tree.
  2. The cake toppers were shaped like two
  3. The painting features two lovers walking hand in hand.
  4. There are two chairs in the corner of the room.
  5. The photo shows two children playing in the park.
  6. She wore two rings on her finger.
  7. The gift consisted of two beautifully wrapped boxes.
  8. Two apples fell from the tree.
  9. The twins always dressed in matching outfits, wearing two of everything.
  10. The sculpture depicted two intertwined snakes.

Singular Possessive of Two

The singular possessive form of “Two” is “Two’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Two:

  1. Two’s color caught everyone’s attention.
  2. I borrowed Two’s pen for the exam.
  3. The bookshelf is filled with Two’s novels.
  4. Two’s car broke down on the highway.
  5. The professor praised Two’s research paper.
  6. Two’s dog won the best in show award.
  7. We celebrated Two’s birthday at the park.
  8. Two’s favorite food is pizza.
  9. I envy Two’s ability to play the piano.
  10. The painting on Two’s wall is beautiful.

Plural Possessive of Two

The plural possessive form of “Two” is “Twos'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Two:

  1. The students submitted Twos’ assignments yesterday.
  2. We admired Twos’ dedication to their craft.
  3. The committee reviewed Twos’ proposals thoroughly.
  4. Twos’ opinions on the matter differ greatly.
  5. The researchers presented Twos’ findings at the conference.
  6. The employees showcased Twos’ achievements at the event.
  7. Twos’ collaboration led to groundbreaking discoveries.
  8. The athletes trained hard for Twos’ upcoming competition.
  9. The twins shared Twos’ toys with their friends.
  10. Twos’ voices harmonized perfectly in the choir.

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