Nobody Plural, What is the Plural of Nobody?

Meaning: no person; no one.

Singular and Plural of Nobody

Singular Plural
nobody nobodies

Nobody as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Nobody answered when I called their name.
  2. Nobody likes being left out.
  3. She felt like nobody understood her.
  4. He’s nobody special, just an ordinary guy.
  5. The room was empty, and nobody was there.
  6. Nobody knows the truth behind the legend.
  7. Nobody can predict the future with certainty.
  8. Nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes.
  9. She felt like nobody cared about her opinions.
  10. The mystery remained unsolved, and nobody had the answers.

Nobody as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The nobodies in the crowd went unnoticed.
  2. The group of nobodies found solace in each other.
  3. The nobodies fought for their voices to be heard.
  4. The marginalized nobodies rose up against injustice.
  5. The nobodies banded together to create change.
  6. The nobodies‘ struggles were often ignored.
  7. The nobodies shared stories of resilience and strength.
  8. The world overlooked the contributions of the nobodies.
  9. The nobodies stood up against discrimination and inequality.
  10. The power of the nobodies cannot be underestimated.

Singular Possessive of Nobody 

The singular possessive form of “Nobody” is “Nobody’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Nobody:

  1. The decision was nobody’s fault.
  2. The success of the project was due to nobody’s efforts.
  3. Nobody’s opinion matters more than yours.
  4. The responsibility lies with nobody’s team.
  5. The idea originated from nobody’s suggestion.
  6. The key to the room was in nobody’s possession.
  7. The blame cannot be placed on nobody’s shoulders.
  8. The success or failure is ultimately nobody’s responsibility.
  9. The report revealed nobody’s involvement in the incident.
  10. The outcome was affected by nobody’s absence.

Plural Possessive of Nobody 

The plural possessive form of “Nobody” is “Nobodies'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Nobody:

  1. The opinions of the committee members were nobodies’ concern.
  2. The decision was made without consulting nobodies’ opinions.
  3. The employees were working for nobodies’ benefit.
  4. The project’s success depends on nobodies’ cooperation.
  5. The blame cannot be attributed to nobodies’ actions.
  6. The success or failure is in nobodies’ hands.
  7. The company does not value nobodies’ contributions.
  8. The outcomes were influenced by nobodies’ input.
  9. The responsibility was shared among nobodies’ teams.
  10. The report highlighted the mistakes made by nobodies’.

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