Paper Plural, What is the Plural of Paper?

Meaning: material manufactured in thin sheets

Plural of Paper

Singular Plural
paper papers

Paper as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The teacher handed out a worksheet made of paper.
  2. The artist drew a beautiful sketch on the blank paper.
  3. The writer scribbled ideas on a crumpled piece of paper.
  4. The origami artist folded a delicate swan out of colorful paper.
  5. The printer ran out of paper in the middle of the task.
  6. The child created a paper airplane and launched it into the air.
  7. The researcher presented findings on a whiteboard with a marker on paper.
  8. The gift was wrapped in colorful paper and tied with a bow.
  9. The lawyer prepared legal documents on thick and sturdy paper.
  10. The librarian handed the student a library card application form on a sheet of paper.

Paper as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The students recycled their used papers in the designated bin.
  2. The newspaper was delivered to homes every morning.
  3. The artists in the gallery displayed their works on various papers.
  4. The printers ran out of ink and papers
  5. The journalists submitted their articles to the editor on deadline.
  6. The origami enthusiasts traded different types of folded papers.
  7. The office worker organized stacks of important papers into folders.
  8. The conference attendees took notes on notepads and loose papers.
  9. The researcher reviewed piles of research papers to gather information.
  10. The author signed copies of her book on crisp white papers.

Singular Possessive of Paper

The singular possessive form of “Paper” is “Paper’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Paper:

  1. The texture of Paper’s surface is smooth.
  2. Paper’s weight determines its thickness.
  3. The color of Paper’s fibers can vary.
  4. Paper’s composition affects its durability.
  5. The quality of Paper’s print is excellent.
  6. Paper’s purpose is to convey information.
  7. The size of Paper’s sheets can be customized.
  8. Paper’s edges should be straight and even.
  9. The scent of Paper’s ink can be nostalgic.
  10. Paper’s versatility allows for various uses.

Plural Possessive of Paper

The plural possessive form of “Paper” is “Papers'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Paper:

  1. The variety of textures in the papers’ collection is impressive.
  2. Papers’ weights range from lightweight to heavyweight.
  3. The colors of the papers’ designs are vibrant.
  4. Papers’ composition determines their suitability for different art mediums.
  5. The prints on the papers’ surfaces are high-quality.
  6. Papers’ purposes can include writing, drawing, and crafting.
  7. The sizes of the papers’ sheets cater to different project requirements.
  8. Papers’ edges should be trimmed for a neat finish.
  9. The scents of ink on the papers’ pages evoke memories.
  10. Papers’ versatility allows for creative exploration.

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