Team Plural, What is the Plural of Team?

Meaning: a group of players forming one side

Plural of Team

Singular Plural
team teams

 Synonyms of Team

  • troupe
  • squad
  • side
  • set
  • selection
  • party
  • line-up
  • group
  • gang
  • crew
  • corps
  • company
  • cadre

Team as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Our team is ready for the challenge.
  2. The team captain called for a strategy meeting.
  3. A successful team requires effective communication.
  4. The coach praised the team for their hard work.
  5. The project’s success depends on the team‘s collaboration.
  6. The team leader made an inspiring speech.
  7. The entire team celebrated their victory.
  8. The team‘s unity was key to their win.
  9. The manager acknowledged the team‘s efforts.
  10. The company formed a new team to tackle the project.

Team as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The two teams competed fiercely in the final.
  2. The rival teams exchanged friendly banter before the match.
  3. The coach assigned different drills to the two teams.
  4. The spectators cheered for their respective teams.
  5. The referees ensured fair play between the two teams.
  6. The teams shook hands after a hard-fought game.
  7. The championship trophy will go to the winning team.
  8. The coach evaluated the performance of both teams.
  9. The two teams displayed impressive skills throughout the game.
  10. The players from both teams showed sportsmanship.

Singular Possessive of Team

The singular possessive form of “Team” is “Team’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Team:

  1. The success of the project relies on the team’s efforts.
  2. Can I request the team’s input on this matter?
  3. The coordination of the tasks falls under the team’s responsibility.
  4. Team’s unity and collaboration drive results.
  5. I’m impressed by the team’s resilience and determination.
  6. Team’s contribution to the organization is invaluable.
  7. Can I learn about the team’s decision-making process?
  8. The achievement is attributed to the team’s hard work.
  9. Team’s cohesion enhances performance and productivity.
  10. Team’s commitment to excellence sets them apart.

Plural Possessive of Team

The plural possessive form of “Team” is “Teams'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Team:

  1. The success of the projects relies on the teams’ collective efforts.
  2. Can we gather insights from different teams’ on this matter?
  3. The coordination among the teams’ ensures smooth operations.
  4. What are the goals of the various teams’ within the organization?
  5. The diversity of the teams’ skills and expertise drives innovation.
  6. Teams’ collaboration fosters a culture of mutual support.
  7. Can we enhance communication among the teams’ for better coordination?
  8. The performance evaluation measures the teams’ achievements.
  9. Teams’ engagement and motivation impact overall performance.
  10. Teams’ success contributes to the organization’s growth.

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