Tail Plural, What is the Plural of Tail?

Meaning: hindmost part of an animal

Plural of Tail

Singular Plural
tail tails

 Synonyms of Tail

  • tailpiece
  • tail feathers
  • scut
  • hindquarters
  • hindmost part
  • hind part
  • dock
  • cauda

Tail as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The dog wagged its tail in excitement.
  2. The peacock displayed its vibrant tail feathers.
  3. She brushed her long hair with a boar bristle tail.
  4. The kite had a long, colorful tail trailing behind it.
  5. The mermaid had a shimmering fishtail.
  6. The comet left a glowing tail as it streaked across the sky.
  7. The horse swished its tail to shoo away flies.
  8. The fox disappeared into the bushes, its bushy tail visible.

Tail as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The cats sat side by side, their tails flicking playfully.
  2. The peacocks paraded around, showing off their magnificent tails.
  3. The squirrels scampered away, their fluffy tails bouncing.
  4. The lions roamed the savannah, their tails swaying lazily.
  5. The monkeys swung from branch to branch, using their tails for balance.
  6. The birds perched on the tree, their tails pointing upwards.
  7. The puppies wagged their tails eagerly, waiting for treats.
  8. The dolphins leaped out of the water, splashing their tails.

Singular Possessive of Tail

The singular possessive form of “Tail” is “Tail’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Tail:

  1. The cat’s tail was fluffy.
  2. I held onto the dog’s tail tightly.
  3. The squirrel’s tail flicked back and forth.
  4. She brushed her horse’s tail gently.
  5. The peacock’s colorful tail amazed everyone.
  6. The kangaroo’s tail acted as a balance.
  7. The mermaid’s long tail shimmered in the water.
  8. The lion’s majestic tail swayed gracefully.
  9. The mouse’s tail was long and skinny.
  10. The fish’s tail propelled it through the water.

Plural Possessive of Tail

The plural possessive form of “Tail” is “Tails'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Tail:

  1. The dogs’ tails wagged excitedly.
  2. We admired the peacocks’ colorful tails.
  3. The horses’ flowing tails brushed against the fence.
  4. The lions’ majestic tails were a symbol of power.
  5. The monkeys’ long tails helped them swing through the trees.
  6. The birds’ feathers were attached to their tails.
  7. The kangaroos’ powerful tails aided in jumping.
  8. The lizards’ tails can be regenerated if lost.
  9. The mermaids’ shimmering tails enchanted sailors.
  10. The foxes’ bushy tails added to their charm.

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