Symposium Plural, What is the Plural of Symposium?

Meaning: a conference or meeting

Plural of Symposium

Singular Plural
symposium symposiums

 Synonyms of Symposium

  • round-robin
  • parley
  • panel discussion
  • panel
  • forum
  • council
  • conference
  • colloquy

Symposium as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The academic conference featured an engaging symposium.
  2. The scholars presented their research papers at the symposium.
  3. The symposium addressed current issues in the field.
  4. The keynote speaker delivered an inspiring speech at the symposium.
  5. The participants engaged in lively discussions during the symposium.
  6. The symposium showcased diverse perspectives on the topic.
  7. The students attended a thought-provoking educational symposium.
  8. The organizer invited renowned experts to the symposium.
  9. The attendees exchanged ideas and knowledge at the symposium.
  10. The symposium fostered collaboration among professionals.

Symposium as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The university hosted multiple symposia on different subjects.
  2. The scholars participated in various international symposia.
  3. The organization organized annual symposia to discuss emerging trends.
  4. The scientific community attended prestigious symposia around the world.
  5. The department sponsored several academic symposia throughout the year.
  6. The researchers presented their findings at different symposia.
  7. The symposia attracted scholars from diverse disciplines.
  8. The conference program included parallel sessions on different symposia.
  9. The attendees networked with experts from other symposia.
  10. The organization received positive feedback for its well-organized symposia.

Singular Possessive of Symposium:

The singular possessive form of “Symposium” is “Symposium’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Symposium:

  1. The symposium’s topic focused on environmental issues.
  2. The professor organized the symposium’s schedule.
  3. The participants discussed the symposium’s main objectives.
  4. The keynote speaker addressed the symposium’s attendees.
  5. The organizer welcomed the symposium’s distinguished guests.
  6. The researcher presented findings during the symposium’s session.
  7. The panelists shared insights at the symposium’s roundtable.
  8. The host announced the symposium’s upcoming events.
  9. The brochure provided information about the symposium’s registration.
  10. The organizer reserved the symposium’s venue in advance.

Plural Possessive of Symposium:

The plural possessive form of “Symposium” is “Symposia’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Symposium:

  1. The symposia’s themes covered various academic disciplines.
  2. The scholars debated topics at the symposia’s forums.
  3. The universities collaborated to organize the symposia’s schedules.
  4. The organizers invited experts to participate in the symposia’s panels.
  5. The research papers presented at the symposia’s sessions.
  6. The organizers distributed programs for the symposia’s attendees.
  7. The attendees networked during the symposia’s social events.
  8. The sponsors supported the symposia’s educational initiatives.
  9. The organizers announced the winners of the symposia’s awards.
  10. The participants received certificates for their symposia’s contributions.

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