Steer Plural, What is the Plural of Steer?

Meaning: a piece of advice or information

Plural of Steer

Singular Plural
steer steers

 Synonyms of Steer

  • pilot
  • navigate
  • manoeuvre
  • helm
  • guide
  • drive
  • direct
  • con

Steer as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The rancher guided the young steer towards the barn.
  2. The cowboy skillfully rode the bucking steer.
  3. The farmer led the docile steer into the pasture.
  4. The 4-H club raised a prize-winning steer.
  5. The rodeo featured a thrilling bull riding competition with fierce steers.
  6. The butcher selected a healthy steer for slaughter.
  7. The cattle rancher took care of his herd of steers.
  8. The cowboy roped the runaway steer and brought it back to the herd.
  9. The market offered fresh cuts of premium steer
  10. The veterinarian examined the injured steer.

Steer as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The cowboys herded the unruly steers into the pen.
  2. The ranchers raised and sold several healthy steers.
  3. The cattle auction attracted buyers for the prime steers.
  4. The rancher’s field was dotted with grazing steers.
  5. The cowboys rode their horses to round up the runaway steers.
  6. The farmers bred and raised multiple steers for market.
  7. The cowboys used lassos to capture the stray steers.
  8. The stockyard housed a large number of steers awaiting sale.
  9. The butchers butchered and packaged the steers for distribution.
  10. The rancher’s income depended on selling high-quality steers.

Singular Possessive of Steer

The singular possessive form of “Steer” is “Steer’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Steer:

  1. I followed Steer’s guidance through the maze.
  2. The gracefulness of Steer’s movements impressed me.
  3. Steer’s strength was evident in its stance.
  4. I admired the intelligence behind Steer’s eyes.
  5. The trust between me and Steer’s rider was crucial.
  6. I felt a connection to Steer’s gentle demeanor.
  7. The sound of Steer’s hooves echoed through the field.
  8. I appreciated the loyalty of Steer’s companionship.
  9. Steer’s agility was remarkable for its size.
  10. I marveled at the bond between Steer’s owner and the animal.

Plural Possessive of Steer

The plural possessive form of “Steer” is “Steers'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Steer:

  1. The coordination between the steers’ movements was impressive.
  2. I observed the power behind the steers’ collective force.
  3. Steers’ role in agriculture was essential for farming.
  4. I appreciated the resilience of the steers’ physical endurance.
  5. The steers’ horns added to their majestic appearance.
  6. I respected the farmers’ care for their steers’ well-being.
  7. The steers’ presence signaled a working farm.
  8. I witnessed the teamwork among the steers’ handlers.
  9. Steers’ grazing habits contributed to the ecosystem.
  10. I admired the beauty of the steers’ distinct breeds.

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