Terminus Plural, What is the Plural of Terminus?

Meaning: end of a railway or other transport route

Plural of Terminus

Singular Plural
terminus terminuses

 Synonyms of Terminus

  • terminal
  • station
  • last stop
  • garage
  • end of the line
  • depot

Terminus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The train arrived at the terminus of the line.
  2. The bus station served as the terminus for several routes.
  3. The flight’s terminus was an international airport.
  4. The hike ended at the mountain’s terminus.
  5. The subway line extended to the city’s terminus.
  6. The terminus marked the end of the scenic trail.
  7. The tour guide explained the historical significance of the terminus.
  8. The travelers gathered their belongings at the terminus.
  9. The ferry docked at the island’s terminus.
  10. The road trip’s terminus was a picturesque coastal town.

Terminus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The railway network had multiple termini across the country.
  2. The city’s subway system had several termini for different lines.
  3. The bus routes converged at various termini.
  4. The tourists explored the different termini of the metro system.
  5. The airport shuttle service connected multiple termini.
  6. The train timetable indicated the departure times from different termini.
  7. The commuters rushed to catch their connecting trains at the termini.
  8. The travelers waited at the termini for their transportation.
  9. The subway map highlighted the locations of the major termini.
  10. The city’s transportation system had well-connected termini.

Singular Possessive of Terminus

The singular possessive form of “Terminus” is “Terminus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Terminus:

  1. The train arrived at the terminus’s platform.
  2. The sign indicated the terminus’s name and distance.
  3. The station’s layout directed passengers to the terminus’s exits.
  4. The bus driver announced the terminus’s final destination.
  5. The map displayed the terminus’s location within the city.
  6. The traveler marked the terminus’s coordinates on their GPS.
  7. The architect designed the terminus’s iconic building.
  8. The schedule listed the terminus’s departure times.
  9. The tour guide explained the historical significance of the terminus’s location.
  10. The city’s infrastructure connected multiple transportation terminus’s.

Plural Possessive of Terminus

The plural possessive form of “Terminus” is “Termini’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Terminus:

  1. The rail system connected different termini’s across the country.
  2. The tourists visited multiple termini’s during their trip.
  3. The train schedule displayed the termini’s departure and arrival times.
  4. The transportation network relied on efficient coordination between termini’s.
  5. The architect studied the designs of various termini’s for inspiration.
  6. The tour group explored the historical significance of different termini’s.
  7. The traveler marked the locations of the main termini’s on their map.
  8. The signs guided passengers to the different termini’s within the city.
  9. The train conductor announced the next termini’s along the route.
  10. The guidebook provided information about the amenities available at each termini’s.

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