Stomata Plural, What is the Plural of Stomata?

Meaning: minute pores in the epidermis of leaf

Plural of Stomata

Singular Plural
stomata Stomas/stomata

 Synonyms of Stomata

  • thin opening
  • pores
  • ostia
  • hydathodes

Stomata as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Each leaf contains many stomata for gas exchange.
  2. The botanist studied the stomata under a microscope.
  3. The scientist discovered a new type of stomata in the plant.
  4. The opening and closing of the stomata regulate transpiration.
  5. The stoma appeared larger than usual under certain environmental conditions.
  6. The presence of guard cells controls the size of the stoma.
  7. The stoma allows for the exchange of gases in plants.
  8. The researcher counted the number of stomata on the leaf surface.
  9. The stoma plays a crucial role in photosynthesis.
  10. The microscope revealed the intricate structure of the stoma.

Stomata as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The plant’s leaves had numerous open stomata for gas exchange.
  2. The researchers analyzed the distribution of stomata across different plant species.
  3. The botany class observed the movement of stomata under varying conditions.
  4. The experiment measured the rate of water loss through the plant’s stomata.
  5. The photosynthesis process involves the opening and closing of stomata.
  6. The microscope revealed the intricate structure of the leaf’s stomata.
  7. The environmental factors influenced the behavior of the plant’s stomata.
  8. The student drew a diagram illustrating the arrangement of stomata.
  9. The scientists compared the density of stomata in different plant samples.
  10. The stomata on the underside of the leaf appeared more prominent.

Singular Possessive of Stomata

The singular possessive form of “Stomata” is “Stomata’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Stomata:

  1. Stomata’s primary function is gas exchange in leaves.
  2. We observed Stomata’s response to changes in light intensity.
  3. The researcher studied Stomata’s density in different plant species.
  4. Stomata’s size affects the plant’s water loss rate.
  5. We analyzed Stomata’s distribution patterns on the leaf surface.
  6. The scientist investigated Stomata’s role in plant adaptation.
  7. Stomata’s aperture changes in response to environmental cues.
  8. Stomata’s behavior varies across plant families.
  9. The botanist examined Stomata’s structure under the microscope.
  10. Stomata’s regulation of CO2 uptake is vital for photosynthesis.

Plural Possessive of Stomata

The plural possessive form of “Stomata” is “Stomata’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Stomata:

  1. The leaves’ stomata’s help with gas exchange.
  2. We studied the stomata’s response to different environmental conditions.
  3. The biologist researched the stomata’s opening and closing mechanisms.
  4. Stomata’s distribution varies in plants from different regions.
  5. We observed the stomata’s behavior during drought stress.
  6. The researcher counted the number of stomata’s per square centimeter.
  7. Stomata’s density affects the plant’s water balance.
  8. The study focused on the stomata’s role in leaf temperature regulation.
  9. Stomata’s size and shape differ among plant species.
  10. The botanist examined the stomata’s arrangement in different plant tissues.

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