Stationery Plural, What is the Plural of Stationery?

Meaning: writing and other office materials

Plural of Stationery

Singular Plural
stationery stationeries

 Synonyms of Stationery

  • writing paper
  • pen and paper
  • office supplies
  • letterhead
  • envelopes

Stationery as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The elegant stationery featured embossed designs.
  2. He wrote a heartfelt letter on personalized stationery.
  3. The company ordered custom-made stationery for its employees.
  4. The wedding invitations were printed on luxurious stationery.
  5. The pen glided smoothly across the expensive stationery.
  6. She wrapped the gift using decorative stationery
  7. The office manager organized the shelves of colorful stationery.
  8. The calligrapher created stunning designs on the premium stationery.
  9. The personalized stationery set included envelopes and notepads.
  10. The artist used the blank stationery to sketch beautiful drawings.

Stationery as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The store offered a wide variety of stationery.
  2. They purchased boxes of personalized stationery for the office.
  3. The students exchanged colorful sheets of decorative stationery.
  4. The company ordered bulk quantities of high-quality stationery.
  5. The shelves were filled with different types of stationery.
  6. The store stocked a range of designer stationery.
  7. The gift shop sold beautiful sets of matching stationery.
  8. They distributed notepads and envelopes as promotional stationery.
  9. The office supply store had a sale on premium stationery.
  10. The receptionist organized the drawer filled with different types of stationery.

Singular Possessive of Stationery

The singular possessive form of “Stationery” is “Stationery’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Stationery:

  1. I organized Stationery’s items into separate drawers.
  2. The quality of Stationery’s paper was exceptional.
  3. I admired the design on Stationery’s notebook cover.
  4. Stationery’s functionality made it ideal for office use.
  5. The smoothness of Stationery’s pens enhanced my handwriting.
  6. I stored Stationery’s supplies in a dedicated cabinet.
  7. The range of colors in Stationery’s markers was impressive.
  8. I appreciated Stationery’s durability during extended use.
  9. Stationery’s purpose was to facilitate communication and creativity.
  10. I loved browsing through the variety of Stationery’s designs.

Plural Possessive of Stationery

The plural possessive form of “Stationery” is “Stationery’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Stationery:

  1. The organization of the stationery’s compartments was efficient.
  2. I marveled at the quality of the stationery’s materials.
  3. Stationery’s versatility allowed for different creative expressions.
  4. I appreciated the functionality of the stationery’s features.
  5. The smoothness of the stationery’s pens improved my writing experience.
  6. I stored the stationery’s supplies in labeled containers.
  7. The array of colors in the stationery’s markers provided artistic options.
  8. I relied on the stationery’s durability for long-term use.
  9. Stationery’s purpose was to facilitate productivity and organization.
  10. I enjoyed exploring the various designs of the stationery’s products.

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