Pony Plural, What is the Plural of Pony?

Meaning of Pony

The meaning of Pony is a woman, usually submissive, who takes the role of a pony; this typically includes wearing tack such as a bridle and bit.

Singular and Plural of Pony, Ponies in English

Singular Plural
Pony Ponies

Synonyms of Pony

  • cayuse
  • crib
  • glass
  • mustang
  • nag
  • pinto
  • racehorse
  • trot

Pony as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She rode a small, gentle pony in the park.
  2. The little girl brushed her pet pony.
  3. He fed the hungry pony with carrots.
  4. The pony trotted gracefully around the ring.
  5. She sat on the back of the playful pony.
  6. The farmer had a stable full of beautiful ponies.
  7. The child giggled while riding the adorable pony.
  8. The birthday party featured a pony ride for the kids.
  9. The girl dreamt of owning her own pony one day.
  10. The pony neighed softly as if greeting her.

Pony as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They admired the herd of wild ponies in the distance.
  2. The farm had several beautiful, well-trained ponies.
  3. The children took turns riding the gentle ponies.
  4. She groomed and cared for the healthy ponies.
  5. The equestrian competition showcased skilled riders and their ponies.
  6. They visited the pony ranch to see the adorable ponies.
  7. The stable housed a diverse collection of different ponies.
  8. The festival offered pony rides for the young visitors.
  9. The rancher raised and trained champion ponies.
  10. The park organized a pony show for entertainment.

Singular Possessive of Photo:

The singular possessive form of “Photo” is “Photo’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Photo:

  1. The photo’s colors were vibrant and striking.
  2. I kept the photo’s memories close to my heart.
  3. The photographer captured the essence of the photo’s subject.
  4. The frame showcased the beauty of the photo’s composition.
  5. The photo’s clarity revealed intricate details.
  6. The album contained the photo’s from our vacation.
  7. We admired the photo’s artistic composition.
  8. The photo’s caption provided context and meaning.
  9. The exhibition displayed a collection of iconic photo’s.
  10. The viewer was drawn into the emotions captured in the photo’s.

Plural Possessive of Photo:

The plural possessive form of “Photo” is “Photos'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Photo:

  1. The photos’ subjects varied from landscapes to portraits.
  2. We organized the photos’ chronological order in the album.
  3. The photos’ colors popped with vibrancy and life.
  4. The exhibition showcased renowned photographers’ photos’.
  5. The photos’ frames enhanced their visual impact.
  6. We captured cherished memories in the photos’ candid shots.
  7. The photos’ angles and lighting created dramatic effects.
  8. The photographer’s portfolio included a diverse range of photos’.
  9. The photos’ composition told stories and evoked emotions.
  10. We admired the skillful editing in the photos’ post-processing.

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