Room Plural, What is the Plural of Room?

Meaning of Room

The meaning of Room is space that can be occupied or where something can be done.

Singular and Plural of Room, Rooms in English

Singular Plural
Room Rooms

Synonyms of Room

  • area
  • berth
  • breathing room
  • breathing space
  • capacity
  • clearance
  • elbow room
  • elbowroom
  • expanse
  • extent
  • free space
  • gap
  • headroom
  • latitude
  • legroom
  • open space
  • place

Room as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I need to clean my messy room.
  2. The hotel provided a spacious room with a view.
  3. She decorated her living room in a modern style.
  4. The conference had a full room of attendees.
  5. The professor conducted the lecture in a large room.
  6. The patient was moved to a private room in the hospital.
  7. The office has a dedicated meeting room.
  8. The house has a cozy reading room.
  9. The child’s toys were scattered all over the room.
  10. The Airbnb listing mentioned a shared common room.

Room as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hotel had several available rooms for booking.
  2. They rented two connecting rooms for their family.
  3. The conference center provided breakout rooms for workshops.
  4. The guests were assigned individual rooms upon arrival.
  5. The students were divided into groups and given separate study rooms.
  6. The hotel offers different types of rooms to accommodate various preferences.
  7. The inn had cozy and well-furnished rooms.
  8. The office building has multiple meeting rooms on each floor.
  9. The bed and breakfast had charming themed rooms.
  10. The hotel staff cleaned and prepared the rooms for the next guests.

Singular Possessive of Room

The singular possessive form of “Room” is “Room’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Room:

  1. The teacher praised Room’s neatness and organization.
  2. The conference room’s seating capacity is 50 people.
  3. Room’s color scheme creates a calming atmosphere.
  4. Room’s air conditioning keeps the temperature comfortable.
  5. The hotel offers room’s service for guests’ convenience.
  6. The office manager ensures room’s cleanliness and maintenance.
  7. Room’s location provides a beautiful view of the city.
  8. The meeting room’s equipment includes a projector and screen.
  9. The hospital improved room’s accessibility for patients.
  10. The theater’s green room’s decor reflects its artistic vibe.

Plural Possessive of Room

The plural possessive form of “Room” is “Rooms'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Room:

  1. Rooms’ decor varies to cater to different tastes.
  2. The hotel’s conference rooms’ capacity can accommodate large events.
  3. The hospital upgraded rooms’ technology for better patient care.
  4. Rooms’ availability can be checked online.
  5. The office building’s meeting rooms’ layout promotes collaboration.
  6. The school renovated rooms’ lighting to improve study conditions.
  7. The restaurant’s private rooms’ ambiance offers an intimate dining experience.
  8. Rooms’ windows provide a view of the garden.
  9. The resort’s spa rooms’ amenities include jacuzzis and saunas.
  10. The library expanded rooms’ space to accommodate more books.

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