30+ Slang for Today (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does Today Mean?

“Today” refers to the current day or the present time. It distinguishes the current 24-hour period from the past and the future.

Slang For Today

Slang Words for Today

Here is the list of slang words for Today with meanings:

  1. Todz – A shortened version of today.
  2. 2day – Numeric version of today.
  3. T-day – Abbreviated form of today.
  4. T’s – Another abbreviation for today.
  5. T-time – Playful term for today.
  6. Diz – Play on “dis” for this day.
  7. D-day – Direct day, referencing today.
  8. Pres-day – From “present” day.
  9. 2dizzle – Using “izzle” slang for today.
  10. 2’s – Numeric and short for today.
  11. T-now – Blend of today and now.
  12. Day-o – Casual term for today.
  13. T-dizzle – “izzle” slang used for today.
  14. Dayz – Casual and trendy term.
  15. Tz – Very shortened form of today.
  16. 2d’s – Numeric, short for today.
  17. Tod’s – Casual abbreviation of today.
  18. T-sesh – “Today’s session” or event.
  19. T-joint – “Joint” referencing today.
  20. T-vibe – Today’s vibe or mood.
  21. Day-t – Blend term for today.
  22. Dizzle-day – Another “izzle” slang variation.
  23. T-mo – Short, playful form.
  24. Day2 – Numeric play on today.
  25. T-spot – “Spot” meaning the day.
  26. Nowday – Blend of now and today.
  27. Dayup – Play on “day” and “up”.
  28. T-slice – Slice of today’s pie.
  29. T-sway – Today’s sway or style.
  30. 2T – Numeric and playful term.

Use of Today Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang terms of Today:

  1. I’ll finish the project Todz, promise.
  2. Let’s meet 2day at the coffee shop.
  3. It’s T-day, my favorite TV show airs!
  4. Check out these shoes I bought T’s.
  5. We’ll have a picnic during T-time.
  6. Did you see that crazy event Diz?
  7. We launched our new product on D-day.
  8. Pres-day is perfect for our beach trip.
  9. That concert 2dizzle was absolutely lit!
  10. I’ve got plans with her 2’s.
  11. T-now feels like the perfect moment.
  12. Day-o, was so much brighter than yesterday.
  13. That sale T-dizzle saved me some cash!
  14. Feels good to relax and enjoy Dayz.
  15. Hand in your assignments by Tz.
  16. Got a date 2d’s, feeling nervous.
  17. Went to the new cafe Tod’s.
  18. Our team had a great T-sesh.
  19. The T-joint party was such a hit!
  20. Loving the T-vibe, everything’s going smoothly.
  21. She said Day-t was unforgettable.
  22. That Dizzle-day sale had crazy discounts.
  23. Saw her T-mo, she seemed happy.
  24. The sunset Day2 was mesmerizing.
  25. Let’s hit our favorite T-spot after work.
  26. Can’t believe the news from Nowday.
  27. Rained all Dayup, got completely soaked.
  28. Grab a T-slice of today’s special pizza.
  29. The T-sway fashion trend is catching on.
  30. The event starts 2T, don’t be late!

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