30+ Slang for Witch (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does Witch Mean?

A witch is a person, typically portrayed in folklore and mythology, who is believed to possess supernatural abilities and practices witchcraft. The concept of witches varies across cultures, but they are often associated with casting spells, using magical powers, and sometimes being perceived as both healers and individuals who can cause harm.

Slang For Witch

Slang Words for Witch

Here is the list of slang words for Witch:

  1. Sorcerer
  2. Enchanter
  3. Mage
  4. Warlock
  5. Conjurer
  6. Hexer
  7. Seer
  8. Covenist
  9. Magician
  10. Occultist
  11. Mystic
  12. Pagan
  13. Enchantress
  14. Thaumaturge
  15. Shaman
  16. Alchemist
  17. Druid
  18. Necromancer
  19. Wiccan
  20. Charmcaster
  21. Arcanist
  22. Hexen
  23. Theurge
  24. Runebinder
  25. Wizard
  26. Diviner
  27. Spiritworker
  28. Crone
  29. Soothsayer
  30. Völva

Slang Terms for Witch with Meanings

  1. Sorcerer: Magical practitioner of spells.
  2. Enchanter: Casts spells to captivate.
  3. Mage: Skilled in mystical arts.
  4. Warlock: Male witch; wields magic.
  5. Conjurer: Summons entities and magic.
  6. Hexer: Casts curses and bewitchments.
  7. Seer: Foresees future; gains insight.
  8. Covenist: Member of a witch group.
  9. Magician: Performs tricks and magic.
  10. Occultist: Studies hidden, mystical knowledge.
  11. Mystic: Seeks spiritual truths; practices mysticism.
  12. Pagan: Honors nature, multiple deities.
  13. Enchantress: Charms, weaves magic spells.
  14. Thaumaturge: Performs miracles; miraculous worker.
  15. Shaman: Communicates with the spiritual world.
  16. Alchemist: Transforms substances; seeks enlightenment.
  17. Druid: Ancient Celtic spiritual practitioner.
  18. Necromancer: Communicates with the dead.
  19. Wiccan: Practices modern witchcraft; nature-based.
  20. Charmcaster: Casts charming, enchanting spells.
  21. Arcanist: Delves into mystical secrets.
  22. Hexen: German for “witch”; practices magic.
  23. Theurge: Channels divine, mystical forces.
  24. Runebinder: Works with runic magic.
  25. Wizard: Skilled in arcane magic.
  26. Diviner: Foretells future; reads signs.
  27. Spiritworker: Communicates, and works with spirits.
  28. Crone: Wise, elderly female witch.
  29. Soothsayer: Predicts future events accurately.
  30. Völva: Norse female seer, spiritual practitioner.

Use of Witch Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. Cast a spell as a sorcerer would.
  2. She’s an enchanter, captivating with her words.
  3. The ancient scrolls held mage’s secrets.
  4. He embraced his role as a warlock.
  5. The conjurer summoned mystical creatures effortlessly.
  6. Beware the curse of a powerful hexer.
  7. Seek guidance from a seasoned seer today.
  8. The covenist brought unity to the group.
  9. The skilled magician astounded the audience tonight.
  10. Delve into the mysteries of the occultist.
  11. The mystic found solace in meditation practices.
  12. The forest was sacred to local pagans.
  13. Her beauty and wisdom made her an alluring enchantress.
  14. Legends spoke of the ancient thaumaturge’s feats.
  15. The shaman communed with spirits to heal.
  16. The alchemist sought to transmute base metals.
  17. The druid performed rituals in the grove.
  18. The necromancer conversed with lingering spirits.
  19. Modern Wiccans honor nature and deities.
  20. Her charm as a charmcaster was renowned.
  21. Unlock the ancient wisdom as an arcanist can.
  22. The village sought help from the local hexen.
  23. The theurge channeled divine energy masterfully.
  24. The runebinder inscribed symbols for protection.
  25. The wizard summoned a swirling vortex spell.
  26. The diviner revealed fate through tarot cards.
  27. She connected with spirits as a spiritworker.
  28. The wise crone shared stories by firelight.
  29. Her reputation as a true soothsayer spread widely.
  30. The ancient völva spoke prophecies to all.

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