20+ Slang for Eat (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Eat Mean?

To consume food by chewing and swallowing it, typically to provide nourishment to the body.

Slang For Eat

Slang Words for Eat

  1. Chow: Food, especially hearty or delicious.
  2. Munch: Eat with a hearty appetite.
  3. Nom: To eat enthusiastically or voraciously.
  4. Grub: Slang for food, especially substantial meals.
  5. Nosh: To snack or eat lightly.
  6. Gobble: Eat quickly or hungrily.
  7. Devour: Consume ravenously or greedily.
  8. Chow down: Eat a substantial amount.
  9. Munchies: Cravings for snacks or junk food.
  10. Feast: A large and sumptuous meal.
  11. Dig in: Start eating with enthusiasm.
  12. Scarff: Eat quickly or hastily.
  13. Chow time: Time to eat.
  14. Nibble: Eat in small, delicate bites.
  15. Chomp: Bite down on something noisily.
  16. Hoover: Eat or clean up quickly.
  17. Graze: Eat small portions throughout the day.
  18. Munch out: Eat to excess.
  19. Slurp: Consume liquids noisily.
  20. Gorge: Eat excessively or indulgently.

Use of Eat Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I need some good chow tonight!
  2. You really seem to munch on those fries.
  3. She’s going to nom that cake!
  4. Is there any grub left for me?
  5. He likes to nosh on almonds.
  6. She will gobble up her dinner.
  7. He seemed to devour the book.
  8. Let’s chow down on this feast!
  9. I’ve got the munchies, got any chips?
  10. Tonight, we will feast like kings!
  11. Grab a fork and dig in!
  12. He scarfed down the meal quickly.
  13. Alright, it’s chow time, everyone!
  14. She likes to nibble on carrots.
  15. Just chomp into that juicy apple!
  16. I saw him hoover the entire plate.
  17. She likes to graze all day.
  18. I can’t believe you munch out so much!
  19. He’ll slurp his soup noisily.
  20. Don’t gorge yourself on candy!

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