20+ Slang for Ham (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Ham Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Ham is a cut of meat from the hind leg of a pig, usually preserved through salting, smoking, or curing. It is commonly used in various culinary dishes.

Slang For Ham

Slang Words for Ham

  1. Porky – thick slice of ham
  2. Swinebite – a small piece of ham
  3. Piggychunk – a generous serving of ham
  4. Hambino – a small piece of ham
  5. Hoglog – a large roll of ham
  6. Porkpack – packaged sliced ham
  7. Hammo – typical everyday ham
  8. Pigstrip – strip or strip-like piece of ham
  9. Hamslice – standard sliced ham
  10. Pigplate – a plate full of ham
  11. Hamlet – tiny piece of ham
  12. Hambam – delicious, high-quality ham
  13. Swinedish – dish mainly containing ham
  14. Hammy – overly salty or cured ham
  15. Porkbit – small, chewy portion of ham
  16. Hamshtick – ham presented in a fun way
  17. Pigpick – selected best part of ham
  18. Hamwich – ham sandwich
  19. Swineslab – thick piece of ham steak
  20. Pigpiece – a defined portion of ham

Use of Ham Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I ordered a porky for breakfast.
  2. She nibbled on a swinebite while cooking.
  3. I’ll have a piggychunk with my eggs, please.
  4. That’s a cute hambino in your salad.
  5. We ordered a hoglog for the party.
  6. Just bought a porkpack for quick sandwiches.
  7. Dinner’s usual? Yep, it’s hammo again.
  8. I prefer a pigstrip over bacon sometimes.
  9. One hamslice is enough for me.
  10. The pigplate was a hit at brunch.
  11. She laughed at the tiny hamlet on her plate.
  12. This hambam from Spain is incredible!
  13. We’ll have a swinedish for dinner tonight.
  14. This feels a bit hammy for my taste.
  15. I choked on a porkbit earlier.
  16. Kids loved the hamshtick presentation.
  17. Always go for the pigpick at buffets.
  18. I’ll take a hamwich to go, please.
  19. Grill the swineslab for about five minutes.
  20. Divide the pigpiece among the four of you.

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