20+ Slang for Head (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Head Mean?

The head is the uppermost part of the human body, housing the brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. It serves as the central organ for sensory input and cognitive function.

Slang For Head

Slang Words for Head

  1. Noggin – The human skull or brain.
  2. Dome – Top part of the head.
  3. Bean – Refers to the head.
  4. Melon – A person’s head.
  5. Cranium – The skull or head.
  6. Mug – One’s face or head.
  7. Cabeza – Spanish for head.
  8. Caput – Latin term for head.
  9. Pate – Top of the head.
  10. Coconut – A person’s head.
  11. Noodle – Refers to the brain.
  12. Nut – Refers to the head.
  13. Scone – Another term for head.
  14. Block – Refers to the head.
  15. Crown – Top of the head.
  16. Gourd – The head or skull.
  17. Tater – The head, informally.
  18. Bonce – British term for head.
  19. Conk – Nose and head area.
  20. Gob – Mouth and head.

Use of Head Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I bumped my noggin on the doorframe.
  2. He’s balding on his dome.
  3. Don’t hit your bean on that beam.
  4. She has a big melon, doesn’t she?
  5. He got hit right in the cranium.
  6. Her mug was on every magazine cover.
  7. The soccer ball hit him in the cabeza.
  8. Don’t lose your caput over small stuff.
  9. He has a bald spot on his pate.
  10. He shook his coconut in disbelief.
  11. Use your noodle to solve the puzzle.
  12. He got kicked in the nut during the match.
  13. The hat didn’t fit his scone well.
  14. Get it through your thick block!
  15. She was crowned queen, tiara on her crown.
  16. He’s got nothing in his gourd.
  17. Keep your tater cool, it’s just a game.
  18. He’s got a hard bonce, that one.
  19. He broke his conk in the fight.
  20. Keep your gob shut if you know what’s good for you.

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