30+ Slang for Sphincter (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Sphincter Mean?

A “sphincter” is a ring-like muscle that surrounds an opening in the body, such as the anus or the entrance to the stomach, helping to regulate the passage of substances. It can contract and relax to control the flow of fluids or materials.

Slang For Sphincter

Slang Words for Sphincter

Here is the list of slang words for Sphincter with meanings:

  1. Rusty Bullet Hole: Aging anal region.
  2. Chocolate Starfish: Anal opening; color metaphor.
  3. Balloon Knot: Tight appearance of the anus.
  4. Tailpipe: Exhaust analogy for anus.
  5. One-Eyed Wink: Anus; visual metaphor.
  6. Dirt Button: A non-cleaned anal region.
  7. Pucker Star: Tight, constricting anal area.
  8. Moon Crater: Deep, indented anal region.
  9. Twinkie Tunnel: Playfully comparing to a snack hole.
  10. Rear Portal: Back entrance; anal opening.
  11. Poop Chute: Direct reference to excretion.
  12. Brownie Point: Chocolate analogy for anus.
  13. Doughnut Hole: The center part of a doughnut.
  14. Tushy Target: Bull’s eye analogy for the rear.
  15. Back Door: Common term for rear entry.
  16. Whistle Winker: When air passes; a toot.
  17. Rump Ring: Circular area of the backside.
  18. Waste Gate: Exit for bodily waste.
  19. Biscuit Cutter: Playful, cookie analogy.
  20. Tootsie Roll Hole: Candy reference for the anus.

Use of Sphincter Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Sphincter:

  1. That tattoo near his Rusty Bullet Hole is unique.
  2. Avoid touching the Chocolate Starfish without permission.
  3. He joked about his tight Balloon Knot.
  4. The dog’s Tailpipe seemed irritated.
  5. He got a One-Eyed Wink when bending over.
  6. A bath can clean that Dirt Button.
  7. Yoga made her Pucker Star more flexible.
  8. His Moon Crater got sunburned at the beach.
  9. Desserts remind me of your Twinkie Tunnel joke.
  10. Always keep the Rear Portal clean.
  11. Fibers ensure a clear Poop Chute.
  12. Never heard of getting a Brownie Point tattoo!
  13. I dropped icing on my Doughnut Hole.
  14. That’s a direct hit on the Tushy Target!
  15. Be careful when entering the Back Door.
  16. The noise came from his Whistle Winker.
  17. Sitting too long hurts the Rump Ring.
  18. Clean the Waste Gate regularly.
  19. Kids, stop calling it the Biscuit Cutter.
  20. Halloween candy included a Tootsie Roll Hole joke.

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