50+ Slang for Appreciation (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Appreciation Mean?

Appreciation refers to the recognition and acknowledgment of the value, worth, or positive qualities of someone or something. It involves expressing gratitude, admiration, or a favorable evaluation of the contributions, actions, or attributes that make a person or thing meaningful or valuable.

Slang For Appreciation

Slang Words for Appreciation

Here is the list of slang words for Appreciation:

  1. Props
  2. Kudos
  3. Shoutout
  4. Big ups
  5. Mad respect
  6. Salute
  7. Hats off
  8. Gold star
  9. Fist bump
  10. High five
  11. Claps
  12. Respect
  13. Cheers
  14. You rock
  15. You the man/woman
  16. Daps
  17. You killed it
  18. Snaps
  19. Bless up
  20. Fire
  21. Lit
  22. Solid
  23. On point
  24. 100 (One hundred emoji)
  25. Keep it real
  26. Dope
  27. Tight
  28. Fresh
  29. That’s what’s up
  30. Right on
  31. Aces
  32. Beast mode
  33. Crushing it
  34. Killing the game
  35. Mad love
  36. Thumbs up
  37. Tip of the hat
  38. MVP
  39. Standing O (short for standing ovation)
  40. On fleek
  41. Bang on
  42. Nailed it
  43. Boss
  44. Legend
  45. Pro
  46. Wizard
  47. Genius
  48. Star
  49. Real deal
  50. Champ

Use of Appreciation Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. Props to you for that amazing performance.
  2. She got kudos for her innovative ideas.
  3. Everyone gave him a shoutout online.
  4. He’s always giving big ups to teammates.
  5. She has mad respect in this community.
  6. A salute to your consistent hard work.
  7. With that effort, hats off to her.
  8. You deserve a gold star for that.
  9. After the news, we exchanged a fist bump.
  10. Their success called for a high five.
  11. For that move, all claps go to her.
  12. People showed their respect at the event.
  13. Cheers for helping out yesterday!
  14. After the concert, fans shouted, “You rock!”
  15. After the win, they said, “You the man/woman!”
  16. They gave each other daps after the game.
  17. At the end, they said, “You killed it!”
  18. I heard snaps after her poetic reading.
  19. After the victory, he said, “Bless up!”
  20. That new track of yours is fire.
  21. Your design is absolutely lit.
  22. That answer was solid, good job!
  23. Her presentation was on point.
  24. Everyone agreed, that was 100.
  25. She’s always encouraged others to keep it real.
  26. That song of yours is dope.
  27. Your new sneakers are tight.
  28. The artist’s style is always fresh.
  29. When he solved it, they said, “That’s what’s up!”
  30. When she spoke, people nodded, “Right on.”
  31. That was a aces decision by you.
  32. During the match, he went full beast mode.
  33. They’re crushing it in sales this quarter.
  34. With that album, she’s killing the game.
  35. He’s always shown mad love to fans.
  36. That idea of yours gets a thumbs up.
  37. For his bravery, a tip of the hat.
  38. With that score, he’s the MVP.
  39. For that speech, she got a standing O.
  40. Her makeup is always on fleek.
  41. That prediction was bang on.
  42. You absolutely nailed it with that pitch.
  43. Everyone calls him a boss in coding.
  44. With that record, he’s a legend.
  45. As a mechanic, he’s a pro.
  46. When it comes to magic, he’s a wizard.
  47. That calculation was pure genius.
  48. In the show, she was the star.
  49. Everyone knows he’s the real deal.
  50. After the race, they cheered, “Go champ!”

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