20+ Slang for Fast (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Fast Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Fast refers to moving or being capable of moving at high speed. It can also mean the quick completion or occurrence of an action or process.

Slang For Fast

Slang Words for Fast

  1. Speedy: Quick, high-velocity.
  2. Blazing: Extremely fast, impressive speed.
  3. Zippy: Fast and energetic.
  4. Nimble: Quick and light in movement.
  5. Snappy: Quick, in a brisk manner.
  6. Jetting: Moving like a jet, very fast.
  7. Swift: Quick in action or movement.
  8. Rapid: Fast-paced, quick to happen.
  9. Fleet: Quick and agile.
  10. Hasty: Done or acting with speed.
  11. Quickfire: Very quick, rapid succession.
  12. Bullet: Super fast, like a bullet.
  13. Lightning: Extremely fast, like lightning.
  14. Warp-speed: Exceedingly fast, like sci-fi speed.
  15. Turbo: Boosted speed, enhanced quickness.
  16. Breakneck: Dangerously fast speed.
  17. Pacy: Full of pace, fast-moving.
  18. Whirlwind: Extremely fast and energetic.
  19. Scorching: So fast it’s almost burning.
  20. Rocketing: Skyrocketing speed, extremely fast.

Use of Fast Slang in Example Sentences

  1. The car was speedy, reaching 100mph easily.
  2. She’s blazing through her assignments.
  3. That was a zippy little dance number.
  4. The gymnast was nimble and precise.
  5. Make it snappy, we’re running late!
  6. The plane was jetting across the sky.
  7. A swift reply came from the other end.
  8. The event had a rapid succession of speakers.
  9. The deer was too fleet to catch.
  10. He made a hasty decision and left.
  11. Quickfire questions kept everyone on their toes.
  12. The athlete ran like a bullet.
  13. His reflexes were like lightning.
  14. The spaceship traveled at warp-speed.
  15. This turbo blender makes smoothies in seconds.
  16. He drove at breakneck speed down the highway.
  17. The film was pacy and engaging.
  18. She led a whirlwind tour of the museum.
  19. He was scorching down the racetrack.
  20. The stock prices are rocketing upwards.

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