20 Slang for Taking a Poop (2024)

What does Taking a Poop Mean?

Slang For Taking a Poop

Slang Words for Taking a Poop

Here is the list of slang words for Taking a Poop with meanings:

  1. Dropping: Letting solid waste go.
  2. Deuce: Discharging number two.
  3. Dook: Releasing fecal matter.
  4. Pinch: Clipping a loaf off.
  5. Grunt: Struggling to excrete.
  6. Download: Releasing internal data.
  7. Dump: Letting waste out.
  8. Logging: Making a brown log.
  9. Unload: Emptying the cargo.
  10. Bomb: Dropping an explosive.
  11. Squat: Crouching to release.
  12. Blowout: Explosive diarrhea episode.
  13. Debrief: Shedding internal briefings.
  14. Plop: Soft drop into water.
  15. Dispatch: Sending it away.
  16. Chill: Relaxing on throne.
  17. Boom: Loud explosive release.
  18. Rid: Getting it out.
  19. Slide: Smooth excretion process.
  20. Launch: Sending it off.

Use of Taking a Poop Slang in Example Sentences

  1. After lunch, he felt like dropping.
  2. I’ll be back, need to deuce.
  3. Heard him dook in there, hilarious!
  4. Sometimes, you just gotta pinch.
  5. Too much cheese makes me grunt.
  6. Excuse me, need to download.
  7. Don’t go in there, I took a dump.
  8. After coffee, I’m always logging.
  9. Time to unload the cargo.
  10. After that spicy meal, it’s a bomb.
  11. There’s no toilet, so he had to squat.
  12. That taco caused a major blowout.
  13. Be right back, need a quick debrief.
  14. That sounded like a silent plop.
  15. Morning routines always involve a dispatch.
  16. Just let me chill for a bit.
  17. That one was a real boom.
  18. Time to rid myself of waste.
  19. Ate some fiber, it’s a smooth slide.
  20. Hold on, gotta launch one.

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