30+ Slang for Relax (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Relax Mean?

“Relax” refers to the state of reducing tension, stress, or anxiety, resulting in a calm and tranquil mental and physical condition. It involves letting go of worries and allowing a sense of ease and comfort to prevail.

Slang For Relax

Slang Words for Relax

Here is the list of slang words for Relax with meanings:

  1. Chill – Calm down or take it easy.
  2. Kick back – Lie back and enjoy yourself.
  3. Unwind – Release stress, usually after work.
  4. Veg out – Be inactive and relax fully.
  5. Mellow out – Become calm after being agitated.
  6. Cool down – Slow down and rest.
  7. Decompress – Release pressure, and relax mentally.
  8. Destress – Reduce stress or tension.
  9. Loosen up – Relax, especially in social situations.
  10. Zone out – Lose focus, in a relaxed way.
  11. Take five – Short breaks to relax briefly.
  12. Put feet up – Rest and relax, usually sitting.
  13. Laid-back – Casual and relaxed in manner.
  14. Chillax – Chill and relax combined.
  15. Downtime – Period when one can relax.
  16. Easy-going – Not easily upset or stressed.
  17. Take it easy – Not rush, proceed calmly.
  18. Simmer down – Calm down after agitation.
  19. Stay mellow – Maintain a calm demeanor.
  20. Lounge – Lie around in a relaxed manner.
  21. Breathe – Take a moment to calm down.
  22. Chill pills – Imaginary pills to calm oneself.
  23. Nap – Short sleep, usually daytime.
  24. Power down – Slow down, take a break.
  25. Switch off – Disconnect mentally, take a break.
  26. Lay low – Stay out of sight, relax.
  27. Cruise – Move or function smoothly.
  28. Float – Move or think without effort.
  29. Slide – Move smoothly and effortlessly.
  30. Roll – Go with the flow.

Use of Relax Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Relax:

  1. She told him to chill after the argument.
  2. After work, I just want to kick back.
  3. I love to unwind with a good book.
  4. Tonight, I plan to veg out and watch movies.
  5. When he’s upset, he tries to mellow out.
  6. After the race, he needed to cool down.
  7. She took a weekend off to decompress.
  8. Meditation helps me destress after a busy day.
  9. At the party, he began to loosen up.
  10. During the lecture, she’d often zone out.
  11. The team decided to take five before continuing.
  12. After dinner, she’d put feet up and read.
  13. His laid-back nature is so refreshing.
  14. On weekends, it’s nice to chillax with friends.
  15. She values her downtime more than anything.
  16. Jake is such an easy-going person.
  17. I’ve advised him to take it easy post-surgery.
  18. She told her friend to simmer down.
  19. He advised everyone to stay mellow during the crisis.
  20. He prefers to lounge on his day off.
  21. Whenever I’m stressed, I remember to breathe.
  22. Sometimes, you just need imaginary chill pills.
  23. I might take a nap to feel refreshed.
  24. At the end of the day, I power down.
  25. On vacation, it’s time to switch off.
  26. When drama happens, I like to lay low.
  27. He loves to cruise through the countryside.
  28. She seemed to float through the crowd.
  29. It’s better to slide into the evening.
  30. When changes come, I just roll with them.

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