20+ Slang for A Million (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does A Million Mean?

A million is a numerical value representing the quantity of one thousand thousand, or 1,000,000. It is commonly used to express large quantities or amounts in various contexts, such as counting, finance, population, and measurements.

Slang For A Million

Slang Words for A Million

Here is the list of slang words for A Million:

  1. A ton
  2. A zillion
  3. A gazillion
  4. A bajillion
  5. A boatload
  6. A truckload
  7. Loads
  8. A heap
  9. A bunch
  10. A plethora
  11. Oodles
  12. Stacks
  13. Mad stacks
  14. A grip
  15. An arm and a leg
  16. A mint
  17. A shedload
  18. Tons
  19. A metric ton
  20. An ocean

Slang Terms for A Million with Meanings

  1. A ton: A lot or many.
  2. A zillion: Exaggerated large number.
  3. A gazillion: Another exaggerated large number.
  4. A bazillion: Playful exaggerated number.
  5. A boatload: A lot, vast amount.
  6. A truckload: Significant quantity or amount.
  7. Loads: Many or a lot.
  8. A heap: A large amount.
  9. A bunch: Multiple, a lot.
  10. A plethora: An abundance or many.
  11. Oodles: A large quantity.
  12. Stacks: Lots of money/quantity.
  13. Mad stacks: Large amount, especially money.
  14. A grip: A lot, substantial amount.
  15. An arm and a leg: Very expensive.
  16. A mint: A large sum of money.
  17. A shedload: A great deal/amount.
  18. Tons: A lot or many.
  19. A metric ton: A very large amount.
  20. An ocean: Vast amount or expanse.

Use of A Million Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. I’ve got a ton of homework tonight.
  2. She has a zillion shoes in her closet.
  3. We made a gazillion cookies for the sale.
  4. I’ve heard that joke a bajillion times.
  5. He brought a boatload of gifts to the party.
  6. She saved a truckload of money on sales.
  7. I’ve got loads to do before vacation.
  8. They offered a heap of bonus points.
  9. She received a bunch of flowers today.
  10. The library has a plethora of mystery novels.
  11. He always has oodles of fun stories.
  12. After the deal, he earned stacks.
  13. That rapper boasts about his mad stacks.
  14. He’s been studying for a grip now.
  15. That purse cost her an arm and a leg.
  16. He’s making a mint with his new business.
  17. She read a shedload of books this summer.
  18. We’ve got tons to discuss later.
  19. The warehouse stores a metric ton of grain.
  20. His new aquarium seems like an ocean.

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