20+ Slang for Copying Someone (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does copying someone Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Copying someone means imitating or replicating their actions, style, or behavior. The term originates from the act of making an identical version or duplicate of an original.

Slang For Copying Someone

Slang Words for Copying Someone

  1. Mimic – Imitate closely
  2. Clone – Exact duplicate
  3. Carbon Copy – Identical version
  4. Ape – Mimic clumsily
  5. Mirror – Reflect actions
  6. Echo – Repeat exactly
  7. Parrot – Repeat mindlessly
  8. Xerox – Copy precisely
  9. Duplicate – Make identical
  10. Rip-off – Steal ideas
  11. Emulate – Copy and improve
  12. Simulate – Imitate appearance
  13. Replicate – Make an exact copy
  14. Ditto – Same as above
  15. Double – Identical counterpart
  16. Imprint – Copy closely
  17. Photocopy – Exact visual copy
  18. Forgery – Illegal imitation
  19. Knockoff – Unlicensed replica
  20. Facsimile – Exact copy

Use of Copying Someone Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He tried to mimic the singer’s voice.
  2. Her dress is a clone of mine.
  3. Your essay is a carbon copy of John’s.
  4. Kids often ape their favorite superheroes.
  5. The still water began to mirror the sky.
  6. Her sentiments seemed to echo mine.
  7. She would just parrot what the teacher said.
  8. Can you Xerox these documents for me?
  9. We can duplicate the experiment’s results.
  10. That design looks like a rip-off of Gucci’s.
  11. Many businesses aim to emulate Apple’s success.
  12. The software can simulate weather patterns.
  13. They managed to replicate the famous painting.
  14. I want a dessert, ditto for my friend.
  15. He’s often mistaken for his double in town.
  16. Birds can imprint on humans as caregivers.
  17. I’ll photocopy the report for the meeting.
  18. The signature turned out to be a forgery.
  19. That’s a knockoff brand, not the original.
  20. I received a facsimile of the original manuscript.

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