20+ Slang for A Manual Laborer (Their Uses & Meanings)

A manual laborer refers to a worker who performs physical tasks that require hands-on effort, often involving manual skills and strength, such as construction, farming, or manufacturing. This type of work typically involves using tools and machinery to complete tasks that contribute to various industries and sectors.

Slang For A Manual Laborer

Slang Words for A Manual Laborer

Here is the list of slang words for A Manual Laborer:

  1. Blue-collar
  2. Hard-hat
  3. Roughneck
  4. Mucker
  5. Grunt
  6. Ditch-digger
  7. Day laborer
  8. Ground pounder
  9. Grease monkey
  10. Brickie
  11. Hod carrier
  12. Navvy
  13. Roustabout
  14. Musclemen
  15. Dirt shoveler
  16. Lugger
  17. Puddler
  18. Tote-road logger
  19. Coal cracker
  20. Lumper

Slang Terms for A Manual Laborer with Meanings

  1. Blue-collar: Skilled industrial worker.
  2. Hard hat: Construction site worker.
  3. Roughneck: Oil rig worker.
  4. Mucker: Mine or tunnel worker.
  5. Grunt: Basic, hard-working laborer.
  6. Ditch-digger: A person digging trenches.
  7. Day laborer: Worker hired daily.
  8. Ground pounder: Infantry or basic worker.
  9. Grease monkey: Auto mechanic.
  10. Brickie: a person trained or skilled in laying bricks.
  11. Hod carrier: Carries materials at construction sites.
  12. Navvy: Originally canal, now general laborer.
  13. Roustabout: Unskilled laborer, often in oil.
  14. Musclemen: Physical, often demanding laborers.
  15. Dirt shoveler: Worker moving soil/earth.
  16. Lugger: Carries heavy loads.
  17. Puddler: Historic iron industry worker.
  18. Tote-road logger: Timber transport worker.
  19. Coal cracker: Coal miner.
  20. Lumper: Dock or warehouse laborer.

Use of A Manual Laborer Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. She’s transitioning from a blue-collar job.
  2. Every hard hat on-site followed safety protocols.
  3. He worked as a roughneck for years.
  4. The mine hired a new mucker yesterday.
  5. Everyone respects the dedicated grunt workers.
  6. He earned his pay as a ditch digger.
  7. She found work as a day laborer.
  8. The army values its ground pounders greatly.
  9. He’s the best grease monkey in town.
  10. The new brickie showed impressive skill.
  11. A hod carrier supplies bricks to bricklayers.
  12. The canal employed many a navvy.
  13. Oil platforms often need a reliable roustabout.
  14. Construction sites rely on musclemen for lifting.
  15. The project required an expert dirt shoveler.
  16. A strong lugger moved the grand piano.
  17. History remembers the hard-working puddler in foundries.
  18. A tote-road logger transported the fallen trees.
  19. The coal cracker knew mines inside out.
  20. The warehouse couldn’t function without a lumper.

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