20 Slang for Black Girl (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Black Girl Mean?

A black girl refers to a female of African, Afro-Caribbean, or African-American descent. The term acknowledges her ethnicity while recognizing her gender.

Slang For Black Girl

Slang Words for Black Girl

  1. Sis – Short for sister; term of endearment among friends
  2. Queen – A woman of excellence or empowerment
  3. Goddess – A woman of extreme beauty or grace
  4. Diva – A confident, glamorous woman
  5. Chica – Spanish term meaning girl or young woman
  6. Shorty – Term for a young or petite woman
  7. Boo – Affectionate term for a girlfriend or close friend
  8. Empress – A woman of high importance or power
  9. Ma – Short for ‘mama’; term of endearment
  10. Bae – Short for ‘Before Anyone Else’; significant other
  11. Shawty – Alternate spelling of ‘shorty’; young or petite woman
  12. Madam – A woman with class or authority
  13. Nubian – Reference to African heritage; dignified
  14. Mami – Spanish term of endearment, similar to ‘mama’
  15. Lady – A woman of grace or manners
  16. Hun – Short for ‘honey’; term of endearment
  17. Vixen – A spirited or fiery woman
  18. Dame – An old-school term for a woman
  19. Wifey – Affectionate term for a committed partner
  20. Chick – Casual term for a young woman

Use of Black Girl Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She is always there for me, that’s my sis.
  2. Look at her go, she’s a real queen.
  3. With her grace and style, she’s a goddess.
  4. She commands the room like a true diva.
  5. Maria is such an awesome chica.
  6. Have you seen that shorty? She’s amazing!
  7. I’m going to the movies with my boo tonight.
  8. She leads the group like an empress.
  9. How’s it going, ma?
  10. Spending the weekend with my bae.
  11. That Shawty can really dance!
  12. She’s a madam with a real class.
  13. A true Nubian queen, that’s her.
  14. How are you today, mami?
  15. She’s a lady through and through.
  16. Hey, hun, how’s your day?
  17. She has the spirit of a vixen.
  18. That dame knows what she wants.
  19. She’s my wifey, through thick and thin.
  20. That chick has some serious talent.

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