20+ Slang for Ejaculating (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Ejaculating Mean?

Ejaculating refers to the discharge of semen from the male reproductive system, often as a result of sexual arousal. The term originates from the Latin word “ejaculatus,” which means to throw out.

Slang For Ejaculating

Slang Words for Ejaculating

  1. Bust a nut: Reach climax
  2. Blow a load: Eject semen
  3. Shoot: Release fluids
  4. Pop: Quick ejaculation
  5. Spurt: Eject briefly
  6. Jizz: To ejaculate
  7. Skeet: Quick release
  8. Explode: Intense climax
  9. Erupt: Forceful release
  10. Unload: Eject contents
  11. Release: Let go fluids
  12. Come: Reach orgasm
  13. Climax: Peak moment
  14. Spill: Leak semen
  15. Spray: Disperse fluids
  16. Discharge: Eject semen
  17. Let fly: Release quickly
  18. Let loose: Unrestricted release
  19. Finish: Reach end
  20. Ejac: Short for ejaculate

Use of Ejaculating Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He was so excited, he couldn’t help but bust a nut.
  2. It’s not uncommon for men to blow a load quickly.
  3. Sometimes they shoot without much warning.
  4. When it happened, it was just a pop.
  5. The arousal was so intense, he began to spurt.
  6. It’s normal for men to jizz during arousal.
  7. Some men skeet very quickly during sex.
  8. The sensation made him explode with pleasure.
  9. It felt like a volcano about to erupt.
  10. The sensation compelled him to unload.
  11. It was finally time to release.
  12. When he started to come, it was intense.
  13. Just before the climax, he felt a rush.
  14. It was almost time to spill.
  15. He could feel the urge to spray.
  16. Eventually, he had to discharge.
  17. He could no longer hold back and let fly.
  18. When he let loose, it was overwhelming.
  19. He knew it was time to finish.
  20. Sometimes it’s referred to simply as an ejac.

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