20 Slang for Coming Back (Their Uses and Meanings)

What does Coming Back Mean?

“Coming back” refers to the act of returning to a previous location, situation, or state. It can also signify the resurgence or revival of a trend, interest, or skill that was once lost or waned.

Slang Words for Coming Back

  1. Boomerang: Back after leaving briefly.
  2. U-Turn: Returning suddenly to where you started.
  3. Bounceback: Recovery after a downfall.
  4. Rerun: Reappearing like a repeated TV show.
  5. Reboot: Reviving something that’s outdated.
  6. Respawn: Coming back, like in video games.
  7. Rewind: Going back in time or situation.
  8. 360: A complete return to the original position.
  9. Backslide: Regress to a previous state.
  10. Doubleback: Returning the way you came.
  11. Retread: Revisiting an old idea or place.
  12. Redux: Brought back or revived.
  13. Round-Trip: Coming back after a journey.
  14. Rollback: Reversing a decision or situation.
  15. Encore: Returning due to popular demand.
  16. Flip-Flop: Changing stance and returning.
  17. Backtrack: Retrace your steps or statement.
  18. Recycle: Bring something old back.
  19. Rehash: Reviving an old topic or idea.
  20. Yo-Yo: Up and down movement; returning.

Use of Coming Back Slang in Example Sentences

  1. He boomeranged to his hometown after college.
  2. She made a U-turn in her career choices.
  3. The team made an amazing bounce back this season.
  4. The fashion trend is a rerun from the ’90s.
  5. They rebooted the classic movie series.
  6. After the defeat, he respawned with new energy.
  7. Sometimes you have to rewind and start over.
  8. The policy made a 360 after public outcry.
  9. Don’t backslide into bad habits.
  10. We had to double back to get the forgotten keys.
  11. He’s just a retread of old politicians.
  12. The band is redux, with a new album.
  13. She made a round-trip to her old school.
  14. The company had to roll back its new policy.
  15. After the applause, he came back for an encore.
  16. He flip-flopped on his previous statement.
  17. She had to backtrack on her claims.
  18. The old design was recycled into the new logo.
  19. This movie is just a rehash of old clichés.
  20. The stock prices are yo-yoing this week.

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