20 Slang for Old Woman (Their Uses and Meanings)

What does Old Woman Mean?

An “old woman” typically refers to an elderly female who has reached an advanced age, often associated with wisdom and life experience. The term is descriptive and does not specify a particular age threshold but generally implies a woman in her later years.

Slang For Old Person

Slang Words for Old Woman

Here is the list of slang words for Old Woman with meanings:

  1. Biddy: An older, often gossipy woman.
  2. Hag: Unkind term for older woman.
  3. Coot: Often used for elderly people.
  4. Crone: Elderly woman, sometimes mystical.
  5. Dame: Respectful term for mature woman.
  6. Maw: Informal for mother or elderly lady.
  7. Granny: Affectionate term for grandmother.
  8. Dowager: Widow with title from deceased husband.
  9. Matriarch: Female head of a family/group.
  10. Spinster: Older woman, often unmarried.
  11. Old bat: Derogatory for older woman.
  12. Mumsy: Affectionately old-fashioned woman.
  13. Battle-axe: Strong-willed, often bossy woman.
  14. Matron: Woman in charge, or married woman.
  15. Oldie: Affectionate term for elderly person.
  16. Witch: Older woman, sometimes with ill intent.
  17. Fossil: Unkind term for a very old person.
  18. Elder: Respectful term for a senior person.
  19. Duchess: Respectful or sarcastic for older women.
  20. Geriatric: Clinical term, aged person.

Use of Old Woman Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. She’s quite the local biddy, always chatting.
  2. Some kids called her a hag, rudely.
  3. He’s an old coot and she’s his match.
  4. The village crone shared her wisdom generously.
  5. Met a delightful dame at the café today.
  6. My maw has the best recipes ever.
  7. Granny still dances at family gatherings.
  8. The dowager held grand balls in her mansion.
  9. As the matriarch, she made key decisions.
  10. She lived happily as a single spinster.
  11. Don’t mind the old bat next door.
  12. Her mumsy attire gives her a sweet charm.
  13. Mrs. Smith is a real battle-axe at work.
  14. The matron oversees the hospital ward.
  15. That oldie still runs marathons every year!
  16. They falsely labeled her as the town’s witch.
  17. Don’t call her a fossil, that’s rude!
  18. Seek guidance from the tribe’s elder.
  19. Thank you for the tea, duchess.
  20. My geriatric neighbor is surprisingly tech-savvy.

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