30+ Slang for Share (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Share Mean?

Share refers to a portion or part of something that is divided among multiple individuals or entities, often implying distribution, ownership, or participation in something such as resources, responsibilities, or information. It can also denote the act of conveying or disseminating something to others.

Slang For Share

Slang Words for Share

Here is the list of slang words for Share with meanings:

  1. Dish – To give out information or news.
  2. Spill – Tell or reveal a secret.
  3. Break bread – Sharing a meal with someone.
  4. Slide – Pass or give something quickly.
  5. Throw in – Contribute a portion to the group.
  6. Kick down – Generously provide or give away.
  7. Split – Divide something into parts.
  8. Pass the mic – Give someone else a chance to speak.
  9. Dole out – Distribute shares of something.
  10. Divvy up – Divide and distribute between people.
  11. Chop up – Splitting something, especially money.
  12. Serve – Hand out or present something.
  13. Lay on – Offer or provide generously.
  14. Drop – Release or share information.
  15. Pass it on – Transmit a message or item.
  16. Give a slice – Provide a part of something.
  17. Cut in – Include someone by giving a share.
  18. Spread the wealth – Distribute resources or opportunities.
  19. Hook up – Provide or give generously.
  20. Push over – Hand something to someone.

Use of Share Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Share:

  1. I’ll dish the latest gossip later.
  2. Did she spill the beans about the surprise?
  3. We always break bread on Sundays.
  4. Can you slide me that notebook?
  5. I’ll throw in an extra $10 for pizza.
  6. He decided to kick down some of his winnings.
  7. Let’s split the dessert into two.
  8. After speaking, he decided to pass the mic.
  9. She decided to dole out the candies equally.
  10. We need to divvy up these tasks among us.
  11. They’re going to chop up the profits equally.
  12. Can you serve the drinks to everyone?
  13. I’ll lay on some extra treats for the party.
  14. He’ll drop the news to everyone at the meeting.
  15. I found this cool tip, pass it on!
  16. I’ll give a slice of my cake to you.
  17. They decided to cut in Steve on the project.
  18. As a CEO, he likes to spread the wealth.
  19. She’ll hook up everyone with the new software.
  20. Can you push over that pen?

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