20+ Slang for Criticism (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Criticism Mean?

Criticism refers to the evaluation, analysis, and expression of opinions about something, often highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. The term originates from the Greek word “kritikē,” meaning the art of judgment or discernment.

Slang For Criticism

Slang Words for Criticism

  1. Bash: Harshly criticize.
  2. Rip apart: Criticize intensely.
  3. Drag: Criticize publicly.
  4. Roast: Mockingly criticize.
  5. Shade: Subtle criticism.
  6. Knock: Disparage, criticize.
  7. Diss: Disrespectfully criticize.
  8. Slam: Strongly criticize.
  9. Call out: Publicly criticize.
  10. Flame: Criticize angrily.
  11. Lay into: Criticize severely.
  12. Put down: Disparage, belittle.
  13. Tear down: Criticize destructively.
  14. Trash: Criticize harshly.
  15. Pan: Strongly criticize.
  16. Blast: Criticize vehemently.
  17. Cut down: Criticize negatively.
  18. Nitpick: Find small faults.
  19. Pick apart: Criticize in detail.
  20. Slag off: Criticize derogatorily.

Use of Criticism Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Her presentation got ripped apart during the meeting.
  2. Don’t drag him for his fashion choices.
  3. They love to roast celebrities on that show.
  4. He constantly throws subtle shade at others.
  5. She didn’t hold back and knocked his ideas.
  6. He tends to diss everyone in his rants.
  7. The critic slammed the movie’s plot.
  8. She decided to call out their hypocrisy.
  9. Their online feud led to a heated flame.
  10. The teacher laid into their lazy attitude.
  11. She’s always ready to put down others.
  12. His comments are meant to tear down enthusiasm.
  13. They trashed the restaurant’s service online.
  14. The film received mixed reviews, some were panned.
  15. The politician blasted the opposition’s policies.
  16. He would constantly cut down his teammates.
  17. She has a tendency to nitpick every detail.
  18. The reviewer loved to pick apart the book.
  19. They would slag off anyone who disagreed.
  20. He loves to bash the latest trends.

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