20+ Slang for Because (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What Does Because Mean?

“Because” is a conjunction used to indicate the reason or cause for something. Its origin is from the Middle English phrase “by cause,” meaning “by reason of.”

Slang For Because

Slang Words for Because

  1. Cause: A shortened version
  2. Cuz: Informal shorthand
  3. Coz: Alternate spelling
  4. Cos: Another variant
  5. Bc: Texting abbreviation
  6. B/c: Another texting variant
  7. Due to: Formal alternative
  8. On account of: Longer form
  9. Owing to: Formal phrase
  10. Given that: Conditional phrase
  11. Seeing as: Contextual alternative
  12. Being that: Reason-giving
  13. As: Short conjunction
  14. Since: Time or reason
  15. For: Often used poetically
  16. Now that: Conditional reason
  17. Inasmuch as: Formal phrase
  18. Thanks to: Because of help
  19. Via: By way of
  20. Per: As per instruction

Use of Because Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. I didn’t go ’cause I was sick.
  2. I love pizza cuz it’s delicious.
  3. He’s late coz he missed the bus.
  4. I’m tired cos I stayed up late.
  5. She’s absent bc she’s on vacation.
  6. I’m staying in b/c of the rain.
  7. She cried due to the sad movie.
  8. He’s absent on account of illness.
  9. They left early owing to the storm.
  10. We left given that it was late.
  11. He brought an umbrella seeing as it might rain.
  12. We can’t go being that it’s too far.
  13. She’s happy as she passed her exams.
  14. I left early since I was done.
  15. They sang for it was her birthday.
  16. We’ll go now that it’s sunny outside.
  17. He’s respected inasmuch as he’s knowledgeable.
  18. We succeeded thanks to our teamwork.
  19. He sent the gift via courier.
  20. She knows per the teacher’s instructions.

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