30+ Slang for Politician (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does Politician Mean?

A politician is an individual engaged in the art or profession of government, often working within a political party, to influence and make decisions that affect public policies, laws, and the overall direction of a country or region. Their role involves advocating for constituents’ interests, participating in debates, and navigating the political landscape to achieve their objectives.

Slang For Politician

Slang Words for Politician

Here is the list of slang words for Politician with meanings:

  1. Suit – Someone in formal wear, usually governing.
  2. Polly – Short form for a political leader.
  3. Talking Head – Media or political spokesperson.
  4. Spin Doctor – Expert in twisting facts favorably.
  5. Vote Chaser – Someone hungry for electoral votes.
  6. Bigwig – Important person, typically in politics.
  7. Fat Cat – Wealthy and powerful political donor.
  8. Mouthpiece – A representative, often vocal.
  9. Puppet – Politician controlled by another force.
  10. Kingpin – Leading figure in an organization.
  11. Mover and Shaker – Influential person in political circles.
  12. Capo – Leader, borrowed from Mafia hierarchy.
  13. Wonk – Policy expert, often in politics.
  14. Hawker – Someone selling policies or agendas.
  15. Muckety-muck – Person of high status, often pompous.
  16. Paper Pusher – Bureaucrat, often in government.
  17. Top Dog – Person in the highest position.
  18. Head Honcho – The chief or leader.
  19. Brass – High-ranking officials, authority figures.
  20. Wheeler-dealer – Shrewd and resourceful politician.
  21. White Collar – Professional, especially in bureaucracy.
  22. Schemer – Someone with hidden political agendas.
  23. String-puller – Behind-the-scenes influencer.
  24. Tie-wearer – Typically a male bureaucrat.
  25. High Roller – Politician with significant influence.
  26. Cogs – Lower-level bureaucrats or politicians.
  27. Gavel-pounder – Judge or chairperson leading proceedings.
  28. Decision Maker – One who makes final calls.
  29. Stump Speaker – Politician giving campaign speeches.
  30. Pundit – Expert, often gives political opinions.

Use of Politician Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term of Politician:

  1. He’s not just a suit, he’s passionate.
  2. I saw Polly at the local coffee shop.
  3. The talking head made some bold claims.
  4. That spin doctor made everything sound positive.
  5. He’s always been a notorious vote chaser.
  6. The meeting included several bigwigs.
  7. That fat cat donated millions last year.
  8. She’s the official mouthpiece for the senator.
  9. Some claim he’s just a puppet.
  10. He’s the kingpin of the local party.
  11. A few movers and shakers will attend.
  12. The city’s capo was making decisions.
  13. She’s the wonk on environmental policies.
  14. He’s a hawker of the latest reforms.
  15. Some muckety-muck gave a long speech.
  16. Another day, another paper pusher making rules.
  17. He’s the top dog in his department.
  18. The head honcho will give the keynote.
  19. The brass decided to change the policy.
  20. She’s a clever wheeler-dealer in politics.
  21. Most politicians are white-collar workers.
  22. That schemer always has an angle.
  23. She’s a known string-puller behind the scenes.
  24. Every tie-wearer was at the conference.
  25. That high roller influences major policies.
  26. Those cogs are crucial to the system.
  27. The gavel-pounder kept order in the meeting.
  28. The decision maker chose a surprising path.
  29. The stump speaker drew a big crowd.
  30. That pundit always offers insightful takes.

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