30+ Slang for Selling (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Selling Mean?

Selling refers to the act of exchanging goods, services, or products for money or other valuable considerations, typically with the intention of generating revenue or profit. It involves persuasive communication and negotiation skills to convince potential buyers of the value and benefits of what is being offered.

Slang For Selling

Slang Words for Selling

Here is the list of slang words for Selling with meanings:

  1. Flip – Quickly sell for profit.
  2. Upsell – Offer more expensive products.
  3. Close – Successfully complete a sale.
  4. Lowball – Offer a much lower price.
  5. Hard sell – Aggressive sales technique.
  6. Pitch – A presentation or proposition.
  7. Hook – An attractive selling point.
  8. Bulk deal – Large quantity at discount.
  9. Cold call – Unsolicited sales call/visit.
  10. Warm lead – A potential interested buyer.
  11. Juice – Extra commission or bonus.
  12. Freemium – Free basic, paid premium.
  13. Pipeline – Potential sales in progress.
  14. Churn – Lose and gain customers.
  15. Touch base – Briefly update or check in.
  16. Window shop – Look without buying intent.
  17. One-off – Single, unique sale.
  18. Whale – Large, high-value client.
  19. Elevator pitch – Short, compelling sales spiel.
  20. Fire sale – Quick sale at low prices.
  21. Gazump – Outbid after the agreed sale.
  22. Kickback – Return of a part of the payment.
  23. Loss leader – Priced low to attract customers.
  24. Markup – Increase in selling price.
  25. Rack rate – Standard, non-discounted price.
  26. Sweetener – An added incentive to buy.
  27. Tire kicker – Non-serious potential buyer.
  28. Top dollar – Highest possible price.
  29. Value-add – Extra beneficial feature.
  30. White label – Sold under buyer’s brand.

Use of Selling Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Selling:

  1. I managed to flip the vintage sneakers yesterday.
  2. They tried to upsell a luxury package.
  3. Jane can close any deal effortlessly.
  4. Don’t lowball me on this classic piece.
  5. The salesman went for the hard sell.
  6. His pitch was persuasive and slick.
  7. The free gift was the hook for customers.
  8. They offered a bulk deal on T-shirts.
  9. Nobody likes a random cold call.
  10. She’s a warm lead, and contacted us before.
  11. I got some extra juice this month.
  12. The software uses a freemium model.
  13. These deals are still in the pipeline.
  14. The subscription model causes a lot of churn.
  15. I’ll touch base with the client tomorrow.
  16. Many just window shop during the holidays.
  17. This artwork is a one-off piece.
  18. Securing a whale client boosted our quarter.
  19. He delivered an impressive elevator pitch.
  20. The warehouse had a fire sale yesterday.
  21. I got gazumped on the last bid.
  22. They offered me a kickback for referrals.
  23. We used a loss leader to attract crowds.
  24. The markup on luxury brands is huge.
  25. The hotel’s rack rate was too expensive.
  26. The bonus gift was a sweetener in the deal.
  27. He seems like a tire kicker, not buying.
  28. She always demands top dollar for her work.
  29. The free training is a great value-add.
  30. They sold it as a white-label product.

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