20+ Slang for Casual (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Casual Mean?

Casual refers to something relaxed, informal, or occurring by chance. The word originates from the Latin “casualis,” meaning “by chance.”

Slang For Casual

Slang Words for Casual

  1. Chill – relaxed or calm
  2. Laid-back – easygoing, not tense
  3. Easy-breezy – effortlessly relaxed
  4. Cool – impressive, relaxed
  5. Mellow – relaxed, easygoing
  6. Low-key – understated, relaxed
  7. No biggie – not a big deal
  8. NBD (No Big Deal) – nothing to worry about
  9. Chillax – chill and relax combined
  10. Kick back – relax, take it easy
  11. Hang loose – stay relaxed
  12. Lax – short for relaxed
  13. Cruisey – very relaxed
  14. Easy-peasy – very simple, relaxed
  15. No sweat – no problem, easy
  16. No drama – without complications
  17. Easygoing – relaxed, not stressed
  18. Unfazed – not worried or surprised
  19. No fuss – without trouble or worry
  20. Chilled out – very relaxed

Use of Casual Slang in Example Sentences

  1. The beach vibe is always so chill.
  2. His attitude towards life is laid-back.
  3. Her response was easy-breezy to the chaos.
  4. That jazz club is super cool.
  5. The sunset made everyone feel mellow.
  6. The party’s atmosphere is low-key tonight.
  7. Missing the bus was no biggie.
  8. Forgetting my keys? That’s NBD.
  9. After work, I just want to chillax.
  10. On Sundays, I just kick back.
  11. When stressed, try to hang loose.
  12. She seemed so lax about the exams.
  13. The village lifestyle is quite cruisey.
  14. Making pasta is easy-peasy for him.
  15. Solve this puzzle? No sweat!
  16. He handles problems with no drama.
  17. She’s remarkably easygoing about changes.
  18. He was unfazed by the news.
  19. We had a no fuss lunch.
  20. After yoga, she felt chilled out.

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