20+ Slang for Details (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Details Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Details refer to individual, often minute, elements or aspects of something. The word originates from the French “détail,” meaning a small piece or quantity.

Slang For Details

Slang Words for Details

  1. Deets: Short for details.
  2. 411: Information or details.
  3. Scoop: Inside information.
  4. Lowdown: The basic facts.
  5. Skinny: The truth or facts.
  6. Intel: Intelligence or information.
  7. Dope: Information or news.
  8. Buzz: Latest news or info.
  9. Goss: Short for gossip.
  10. Juice: Essential information.
  11. Dish: To share details.
  12. Nitty-Gritty: Essential details.
  13. Specs: Specifications or details.
  14. FAQs: Frequently asked details.
  15. Blueprints: Detailed plans.
  16. Heads-up: Advance notice.
  17. Inside Track: Privileged information.
  18. Debrief: Summary of details.
  19. Rundown: Brief summary.
  20. Cliff Notes: Abridged details.

Use of Details Slang in Example Sentences

  1. I’ll text you the deets later.
  2. Do you have the 411 on the party?
  3. She gave me the scoop on his return.
  4. I need the lowdown on this situation.
  5. What’s the skinny on the new project?
  6. He has crucial intel about the mission.
  7. She got the dope on the latest tech.
  8. Heard any buzz about the movie release?
  9. Tell me the latest goss from school.
  10. He’s got the juice on the market trends.
  11. I can’t wait to dish with you later.
  12. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the plan.
  13. I checked the phone’s specs online.
  14. The FAQs covered most of my questions.
  15. Architects create the blueprints for structures.
  16. Give me a heads-up before arriving.
  17. She has the inside track on stock picks.
  18. Can you debrief me on the meeting?
  19. Give me a quick rundown of the rules.
  20. I studied using Cliff Notes last night.

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