20+ Slang for Original (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Original Mean?

A first form or prototype from which duplicates are made or derived; not copied or imitation.

Slang For Original

Slang Words for Original

Here is the list of slang words for Original with meanings:

  1. OG: Old-school or genuine.
  2. Legit: Authentic or real.
  3. Prime: Top-quality, first-rate.
  4. Raw: Real, untouched.
  5. Real deal: Authentic, genuine.
  6. Pure: Untainted, true.
  7. Solid: Reliable, genuine.
  8. Unfiltered: Not modified, pure.
  9. Unedited: Not changed, raw.
  10. Uncooked: Direct, unaltered.
  11. Auth: Short for authentic.
  12. Uno: Number one, top.
  13. Ace: Number one, best.
  14. OGM: Original gangster material.
  15. Retro: Old but cool/original.
  16. Root: Basic, original form.
  17. Alpha: First, beginning.
  18. Blueprint: Original plan or design.
  19. Gold: Precious, top-quality.
  20. Genesis: Beginning or origin.

Use of Original Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang terms of the Original:

  1. His style is so OG.
  2. Those shoes look legit.
  3. This song’s melody is prime.
  4. His lyrics are always raw.
  5. That’s the real deal watch.
  6. His intentions are pure.
  7. Her promise is solid.
  8. His views are unfiltered.
  9. I prefer the unedited version.
  10. His feedback was uncooked.
  11. This certificate is auth.
  12. He’s the uno choice for captain.
  13. That’s an ace recommendation.
  14. She’s got that OGM vibe.
  15. I love that retro car.
  16. We need to get to the root.
  17. The alpha version had many bugs.
  18. He’s the blueprint for success.
  19. That necklace is pure gold.
  20. That was the genesis of his career.

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