20+ Slang for Liquor (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Liquor Mean?

“Liquor” refers to alcoholic beverages, typically distilled spirits with higher alcohol content, including drinks like whiskey, vodka, and rum. It’s a general term encompassing various types of potent and often distilled drinks.

Slang For Liquor

Slang Words for Liquor

Here is the list of slang words for Liquor with meanings:

  1. Booze: Alcoholic drink, often consumed casually.
  2. Hooch: Informal term for cheap alcohol.
  3. Sauce: Playful term for alcoholic beverages.
  4. Firewater: Potent, strong alcoholic drink.
  5. Juice: Informal reference to any alcohol.
  6. Moonshine: Illegally made homemade alcohol.
  7. Grog: Often refers to diluted rum or alcohol.
  8. Tipple: A term for one’s chosen drink.
  9. Swill: Low-quality or cheap alcohol.
  10. Hard stuff: Refers to distilled spirits.
  11. Rotgut: Very cheap, low-quality liquor.
  12. Liquid courage: Alcohol giving one confidence.
  13. Nectar: Playfully refers to enjoyable alcohol.
  14. Potion: A playful term for a mixed drink.
  15. Tonic: Informal, often refers to gin.
  16. Rocket fuel: Strong or potent alcohol.
  17. Splash: A small amount of alcoholic drink.
  18. Brewski: Casual term, often for beer.
  19. Vino: Informal term for wine.
  20. Crunk juice: A mix of alcohol and energy drink.

Use of Liquor Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Liquor:

  1. We’ve got plenty of booze for the party.
  2. That hooch tastes like it’s homemade.
  3. I think I’ll have some sauce tonight.
  4. This firewater is stronger than I expected.
  5. Hand me the juice from the top shelf.
  6. He’s selling moonshine from his truck.
  7. Captain Jack loved his grog every evening.
  8. She ordered her favorite tipple at the bar.
  9. That’s some nasty swill you’ve got there.
  10. I’m staying away from the hard stuff tonight.
  11. Don’t drink that rotgut, it’s terrible.
  12. He needed some liquid courage before speaking.
  13. This wine is the pure nectar of the gods.
  14. She mixed a delightful potion for us.
  15. Do you have any tonic for this tonic?
  16. This drink tastes like rocket fuel!
  17. Just a splash of whiskey for me.
  18. Hand me a cold brewski, please.
  19. Let’s open a bottle of fine vino.
  20. I’m feeling energized after that crunk juice.

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