30+ Slang for Pregnant (Their Uses & Meanings)

What Does Pregnant Mean?

Pregnancy refers to the condition of a female mammal, including humans, having a developing embryo or fetus within her uterus, typically lasting about 40 weeks in humans. It signifies the state of being with a child and undergoing physiological changes in preparation for childbirth.

Slang For Pregnant

Slang Words for Pregnant

Here is the list of slang words for Pregnant with meanings:

  1. Preggo: Carrying a baby inside the womb.
  2. Preggers: In the state of expecting a child.
  3. Knocked up: Informally expecting a baby.
  4. Bun in the oven: Baby growing inside.
  5. Up the duff: British term for pregnant.
  6. In the family way: Old-fashioned term for expecting.
  7. With child: Another classic term for pregnant.
  8. Expecting: Awaiting the birth of a baby.
  9. On the nest: Informal and light-hearted term.
  10. Carrying: Holding a baby inside.
  11. Eating for two: Refers to increased appetite.
  12. Big with child: Noticeably pregnant.
  13. Riding the baby wave: Awaiting childbirth.
  14. Baby on board: Expecting a little one.
  15. In the pudding club: Humorous British slang.
  16. In a family condition: Long term for pregnancy.
  17. Having a peanut: Referring to the small fetus.
  18. In a delicate condition: Old-fashioned phrase.
  19. Got a joey in the pouch: Inspired by kangaroos.
  20. Baby bumping: Sporting a pregnancy belly.
  21. Tummy tenant: The fetus inside the womb.
  22. Heavy with child: Clearly showing baby bump.
  23. Expecting a stork visit: Referencing stork baby myth.
  24. On the baby path: Journeying towards childbirth.
  25. Rocking a bump: Proudly showing pregnancy.
  26. Stuffed: Jovially noting pregnancy.
  27. Growing a bean: Referring to fetus size.
  28. Waiting for the drop: Almost time for birth.
  29. Egg’s been fertilized: Playful take on conception.
  30. Dropping a sequel: A humorous term for next child.

Use of Pregnant Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Pregnant:

  1. She’s officially preggo, they announced yesterday.
  2. I just found out Jenny’s preggers!
  3. Susan got knocked up during their honeymoon.
  4. Maria has a bun in the oven.
  5. Guess who’s up the duff? It’s Sheila!
  6. Diane is in the family way now.
  7. At the reunion, Lisa was with the child.
  8. Their family is growing; they’re expecting.
  9. She’s in the nest, so be gentle.
  10. Karen’s been carrying for five months.
  11. She’s always eating; she’s eating for two.
  12. By the third trimester, she was big with a child.
  13. They’re both excitedly riding the baby wave.
  14. There’s a baby on board sticker on her car.
  15. Rumor says she’s in the pudding club.
  16. Helen is in a family condition again.
  17. My sister’s having a peanut this winter.
  18. Aunt May is in a delicate condition now.
  19. She’s got a joey in the pouch, isn’t it cute?
  20. I’ve been baby-bumping for the past six months.
  21. She’s got a new tummy tenant to care for.
  22. Towards the end, she was heavy with the child.
  23. They’re expecting a stork visit in March.
  24. They are both on the baby path now.
  25. Look at her rocking a bump at the party.
  26. Tina’s stuffed, expecting their second child.
  27. Sarah’s growing a bean; due date is in June.
  28. She’s waiting for the drop any day now.
  29. Guess what? Their egg’s been fertilized!
  30. They’re dropping a sequel next summer.

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