20+ Slang for Biceps (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Biceps Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Biceps refers to a two-headed muscle located in the upper arm responsible for arm flexion. The term originates from the Latin “bi-” meaning “two” and “caput” meaning “head.”

Slang For Biceps

Slang Words for Biceps

  1. Guns: Large biceps.
  2. Pythons: Impressive arms.
  3. Cannons: Big biceps.
  4. Bazookas: Very large arms.
  5. Tickets: As in “show tickets,” showy biceps.
  6. Pipes: Strong biceps.
  7. Rifles: Lengthy, muscular arms.
  8. Hammers: Hard, toned biceps.
  9. Boulders: Bulging biceps.
  10. Rocks: Solid, hard arms.
  11. Twigs: Small, thin biceps.
  12. Noodles: Weak, slender arms.
  13. Sticks: Thin biceps.
  14. Cables: Ripped, defined biceps.
  15. Wires: Sinewy, defined arms.
  16. Anchors: Heavy, muscular arms.
  17. Hooks: Curved, well-shaped biceps.
  18. Swells: Growing, developing biceps.
  19. Mountains: Peaked, muscular biceps.
  20. Peaks: Pointy, well-defined biceps.

Use of Biceps Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. Check out his impressive guns at the gym.
  2. He’s been flexing those pythons all summer.
  3. Look at those cannons; he’s been lifting!
  4. His bazookas stole the show on stage.
  5. She’s proudly displaying her tickets at the beach.
  6. After months of training, he has solid pipes.
  7. His workout regime gave him those rifles.
  8. She swings those hammers with confidence.
  9. With every curl, his boulders seem bigger.
  10. Touch his arms; they’re like rocks.
  11. He’s just starting; his twigs will grow.
  12. Before training, he used to call them noodles.
  13. She jokes about her sticks, but she’s strong.
  14. His cables are the result of dedication.
  15. The veins on his wires are prominent.
  16. He anchors the team with those anchors.
  17. His triceps and hooks are well-balanced.
  18. I’ve noticed his swells after his workouts.
  19. With that pose, his mountains are clear.
  20. His bicep peaks are absolutely striking.

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