40+ Slang for Welders (And How to use)

What does Welders Mean?

Welders are individuals skilled in the art and technique of welding. Welding is a process of joining materials, usually metals, together by melting their edges and fusing them.

Slang For Welders

Slang Words for Welders

Here is the list of slang words for Welders:

  1. Fabricators
  2. Burners
  3. Joiners
  4. Metalworkers
  5. Sparkies
  6. Fusers
  7. Ironworkers
  8. Arcers
  9. Fusionists
  10. Metal crafters
  11. Melters
  12. Solderers
  13. Tackers
  14. Beamers
  15. Torchies
  16. Rodmen
  17. Fluxers
  18. Sparkers
  19. Solder Jockeys
  20. Fusion Artists
  21. Heat Jockeys
  22. Steel Benders
  23. MIG Masters
  24. Sticksters
  25. Seamsters
  26. Pipe Bangers
  27. Arc Artisans
  28. Joinery Jockeys
  29. Braze Artists
  30. Heliarc Heroes
  31. Iron Artisans
  32. Groovers
  33. Spatter Artists
  34. Wire Wizards
  35. Plate Benders
  36. TIG Titans
  37. Metal Magicians
  38. Stick Welders
  39. Flux Welders
  40. Molten Metal Maestros

Use of Welders Slangs in Example Sentences

  1. They hired skilled fabricators for the project.
  2. The shipbuilders employed experienced burners for welding.
  3. The workshop was buzzing with expert joiners.
  4. The team of skilled metalworkers completed the structure.
  5. Sparkies were needed to fix the electrical connections.
  6. The fusers worked tirelessly to bond the metals.
  7. The crew of ironworkers handled the structural framework.
  8. Arcers carefully controlled the welding arc’s intensity.
  9. The art gallery showcased the creations of fusionists.
  10. The sculptures were crafted by talented metalcrafters.
  11. Skilled melters transformed metal into art pieces.
  12. Solderers worked on delicate electronic components.
  13. The craftsmen were skilled tackers for small details.
  14. Beamers secured the large metal beams in place.
  15. The torchies expertly cut through the thick metal.
  16. The team of experienced rodmen ensured precise welding.
  17. Fluxers maintained a clean welding environment for safety.
  18. The sparkers managed the sparks during the process.
  19. The art show featured intricate work by solder jockeys.
  20. The exhibit highlighted the creations of talented fusion artists.
  21. Skilled heat jockeys managed the welding temperatures.
  22. Steel benders shaped the metal into intricate designs.
  23. The MIG masters effortlessly welded various metal pieces.
  24. Sticksters used stick welding for structural connections.
  25. The skilled seamsters ensured strong and clean seams.
  26. Pipe bangers installed pipelines with precision welding.
  27. Arc artisans showcased their creative welded sculptures.
  28. The team of joinery jockeys handled intricate connections.
  29. Braze artists displayed their delicate metal bonding work.
  30. The heliarc heroes were experts in TIG welding.
  31. The sculptures were created by talented iron artisans.
  32. The team of groovers prepared the metal edges perfectly.
  33. Spatter artists managed to control welding splatters effectively.
  34. The workshop was filled with skilled wire wizards.
  35. Plate benders shaped metal plates with precision skills.
  36. The TIG titans created flawless welds with expertise.
  37. Metal magicians brought intricate designs to life.
  38. Skilled stick welders handled heavy structural welding.
  39. Flux welders effectively controlled the flux application.
  40. The foundry employed experienced molten metal maestros.

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