20+ Slang for Condoms (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Condoms Mean? (Meaning & Origin)

Protective sheaths worn on the penis or inserted into the vagina to prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted infections.

Slang For Condoms

Slang Words for Condoms

  1. Rubber: Elastic protection for intercourse.
  2. Wrapper: Protective sheath for sex.
  3. Hat: Protective cap for intimacy.
  4. Jacket: Outerwear for sexual safety.
  5. Raincoat: Protection against the “rain” of fertility.
  6. Balloon: Inflatable safeguard for sex.
  7. Shield: Barrier for intimate acts.
  8. Hood: Cover for the tip.
  9. Glove: Hand-like protection for genitals.
  10. Safety: Precaution for intimacy.
  11. Suit: Wearable barrier for sex.
  12. Armor: Strong protection for intimacy.
  13. Cover: Shielding layer for intercourse.
  14. Blanket: Wrap for intimate warmth.
  15. Guard: Defender during intimacy.
  16. Cap: Protective topper for sex.
  17. Sheath: Sword’s cover for genitals.
  18. Barrier: Wall-like protection for intercourse.
  19. Coat: Outer layer for safe intimacy.
  20. Casing: Encasing protection for sex.

Use of Condoms Slang in Example Sentences

  1. Make sure you have a rubber before the date.
  2. I always keep a wrapper in my wallet.
  3. It’s essential to wear your hat every time.
  4. It was cold, so he wore a jacket.
  5. You better wear a raincoat if it’s stormy out.
  6. That balloon just might save your life.
  7. Every knight needs a shield.
  8. He always keeps a hood in the glove compartment.
  9. Just like a handshake, always have a glove.
  10. Always prioritize your safety first.
  11. He suited up, wearing his suit.
  12. The armor protected them both.
  13. Always bring your own cover.
  14. It was chilly, so he grabbed a blanket.
  15. The goalkeeper had his guard on.
  16. Pop the champagne but keep the cap on.
  17. Every sword needs its sheath.
  18. The fortress had a strong barrier.
  19. It was raining, so he wore his coat.
  20. Every sausage needs its casing.

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