30+ Slang for Vasectomy (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Vasectomy Mean?

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male sterilization or permanent contraception. It involves cutting or sealing the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra.

Slang For Vasectomy

Slang Words for Vasectomy

Here is the list of slang words for Vasectomy with meanings:

  1. The Snip: Vasectomy surgery, often humorously.
  2. Man Clip: Male sterilization procedure.
  3. V-Cut: Short for vasectomy.
  4. Tube Tied: Referencing female counterpart.
  5. Ball Bypass: Humorous reference to procedure.
  6. Sperm Stop: Blocking the sperm flow.
  7. Seedless Grape: Without active sperm.
  8. Blank Shooter: Ejaculation without sperm.
  9. Dry Dock: Harbor with no ships.
  10. Safety Lock: Preventing accidental pregnancies.
  11. Seed Stop: Halting sperm production.
  12. Family Freeze: No more children.
  13. No-Go Zone: Sperm can’t proceed.
  14. Dead-End Street: No passage for sperm.
  15. Closed Shop: Business (sperm) isn’t operating.
  16. Pipe Pinch: Blocking the vas deferens.
  17. De-fertile Drive: Losing fertility capability.
  18. Off-Line: Not connected anymore.
  19. Nuts Knot: Playful reference to procedure.
  20. Man Band: Restricting male fertility.
  21. Null Nuts: Not producing viable sperm.
  22. Tie Off: Referring to sealing vas.
  23. Kid Stop: No more offspring.
  24. Out of Service: Not functional for reproduction.
  25. Brosectomy: Casual term among friends.
  26. Disconnect: Splitting the vas deferens.
  27. Switch Off: Turning off fertility.
  28. Bullet Block: No active “ammo”.
  29. No Pass: Sperm can’t proceed.
  30. End Road: No further sperm journey.

Use of Vasectomy Slangs in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using slang term of Vasectomy:

  1. He decided to get the snip last year.
  2. John opted for a man clip yesterday.
  3. Tom’s considering a v-cut next month.
  4. It’s like having your tube tied, but for men.
  5. He joked about his ball bypass surgery.
  6. The procedure is a total sperm stop.
  7. After surgery, he’s a seedless grape.
  8. He’s a proud blank shooter now.
  9. Feels like a sailor in dry dock.
  10. He enabled his reproductive safety lock.
  11. The operation was a complete seed stop.
  12. For him, it’s a family freeze choice.
  13. His tubes are a no-go zone.
  14. The vasectomy is like a dead-end street.
  15. His system’s a closed shop now.
  16. The doctor did a pipe pinch procedure.
  17. He’s on a de-fertile drive post-surgery.
  18. His swimmers are off-line permanently.
  19. Jokingly, he called it his nuts knot.
  20. He wears his man band proudly.
  21. Post-surgery, he’s got null nuts.
  22. The doctor will tie off his vas.
  23. He got it to kid stop.
  24. His equipment’s out of service now.
  25. With his buddies, it’s a brosectomy chat.
  26. The procedure will disconnect his tubes.
  27. He’s ready to switch off fatherhood.
  28. He’s gone for the bullet block.
  29. For sperm, there’s a no pass sign.
  30. It’s the end road for pregnancies.

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