30+ Slang for Prostitute (Their Uses & Meanings)

What does Prostitute Mean?

A prostitute is an individual who engages in sexual activities or services in exchange for money or goods, typically without an emotional or romantic attachment. This profession is often associated with the exchange of sexual favors for financial compensation.

Slang For Prostitute

Slang Words for Prostitute

Here is the list of slang words for Prostitute with meanings:

  1. Lady of the Night – A woman who works at night.
  2. Streetwalker – Prostitute walking the streets looking for clients.
  3. Working Girl – Women earning through prostitution.
  4. Call Girl – Prostitute available through a phone call.
  5. Escort – Provides company in exchange for payment.
  6. Courtesan – High-class prostitute with elite clientele.
  7. Hustler – A person aggressively pursuing money, often through prostitution.
  8. Rent Boy – A young male prostitute.
  9. Strumpet – An old term referring to a prostitute.
  10. Tart – A somewhat derogatory term for a prostitute.
  11. Harlot – Another old term for a prostitute.
  12. Hooker – Common slang for a prostitute.
  13. Scarlet Woman – Biblically derived term for a prostitute.
  14. Jezebel – An immoral or promiscuous woman.
  15. Demimondaine – Woman of the demi-monde, or half-world.
  16. Moll – Girlfriend or prostitute of a gangster.
  17. Cyprian – An archaic term for a prostitute.
  18. Doxy – Old term for a mistress or prostitute.
  19. Sporting Lady – Another term for a prostitute.
  20. Grinder – Works hard, often refers to street prostitutes.
  21. Painted Lady – Prostitute wearing heavy makeup.
  22. Fallen Woman – A woman who has lost social status.
  23. Soiled Dove – A poetic term for a prostitute.
  24. Joy Girl – Prostitute known for providing pleasure.
  25. Bawd – Older term for a prostitute or madam.
  26. Lupanar Lady – Derived from Latin, refers to a brothel worker.
  27. Night Owl – The prostitute active mainly during the night.
  28. Pavement Princess – Street-based prostitute.
  29. Publican Daughter – Referring to ancient prostitutes in public houses.
  30. Sellsword – Mercenary-like term applied metaphorically to prostitutes.

Use of Prostitute Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Prostitute:

  1. She’s a known Lady of the Night in the area.
  2. The police arrested a Streetwalker on 5th Avenue.
  3. She moved to the city and became a Working Girl.
  4. He booked a Call Girl for the evening.
  5. Not all Escorts provide intimate services.
  6. In historical novels, a Courtesan often has power and influence.
  7. As a Hustler, he knows every corner of the city.
  8. There are few services for Rent Boys in this area.
  9. The old novel describes a Strumpet in Victorian London.
  10. He met a Tart near the train station.
  11. The song describes a tale of a Harlot.
  12. I saw a Hooker standing by the hotel.
  13. The village shunned the Scarlet Woman.
  14. They unfairly labeled her a Jezebel.
  15. The Demimondaine lived in the gray areas of society.
  16. The gangster’s Moll was his weakness.
  17. Paintings of the era often depicted Cyprians.
  18. The pirate kept a Doxy in every port.
  19. She’s known in town as the Sporting Lady.
  20. A Grinder learns to spot undercover cops.
  21. The Painted Lady waited under the neon light.
  22. Society often looks down on the Fallen Woman.
  23. In Western tales, the Soiled Dove has a heart of gold.
  24. The soldier spent his wages on a Joy Girl.
  25. The old inn was run by a Bawd.
  26. The Lupanar Lady knew all the secrets of the town.
  27. The bar was a favorite spot for the Night Owl.
  28. The Pavement Princess kept a sharp eye out for danger.
  29. The tavern was famous for its Publican Daughter.
  30. In the dystopian future, many became Sellswords to survive.

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