20+ Slang for Gang (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Gang Mean?

A gang is a group of individuals, often involved in criminal activities, who share a common identity or purpose. They may also claim control over a territory or community.

Slang For Gang

Slang Words for Gang

  1. Crew: Small group, often involved in illegal activities
  2. Posse: A group, usually of friends
  3. Squad: Close group, often skilled in something
  4. Mob: Large, unruly group
  5. Clique: Exclusive, tight-knit group
  6. Outfit: Organized crime group
  7. Syndicate: Business-like crime group
  8. Pack: Animalistic, aggressive group
  9. Unit: Cohesive, tactical group
  10. Brotherhood: Close-knit, often secretive group
  11. Fam: Group considered like family
  12. Cartel: Drug-trafficking organization
  13. Set: Local gang subdivision
  14. Tribe: Large, usually organized group
  15. Clan: Group sharing familial ties
  16. Faction: Group with common cause or interest
  17. Coalition: Group formed for mutual benefit
  18. Ring: Circle involved in criminal activity
  19. Fraternity: College-based group, often exclusive
  20. Guild: Organization with specific skills or crafts

Use of Gang Slang in Example Sentences

  1. She was hanging out with her crew last night.
  2. His posse always has his back.
  3. The squad is skilled at hacking.
  4. The mob took control of the streets.
  5. Only the popular kids could join the clique.
  6. The outfit controls the city’s underworld.
  7. He’s part of a criminal syndicate.
  8. The pack roams the area at night.
  9. Their unit is ready for action.
  10. The brotherhood meets in secret.
  11. I trust my FAM with my life.
  12. The cartel dominates the drug trade.
  13. Different sets represent different areas.
  14. The tribe is well-organized and territorial.
  15. He was initiated into the clan last year.
  16. The faction has specific goals.
  17. The coalition was formed to fight corruption.
  18. The smuggling ring was busted last week.
  19. The fraternity throws the best parties.
  20. The blacksmith guild has strict entry requirements.

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