30+ Slang for Pretty (Their Uses & Meanings)

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What does Pretty Mean?

“Pretty” refers to something that is visually appealing or attractive in a delicate or charming way. It denotes an aesthetic quality that evokes feelings of beauty or pleasing elegance.

Slang For Pretty

Slang Words for Pretty

Here is the list of slang words for Pretty with meanings:

  1. Cute – Attractive in a charming way.
  2. Fly – Very stylish or cool.
  3. Foxy – Attractively fashionable or impressive.
  4. Dope – Really cool or appealing.
  5. Banging – Highly attractive or striking.
  6. Peng – Very attractive or stylish.
  7. Buff – Physically attractive or toned.
  8. Hot – Extremely good-looking or attractive.
  9. Snatched – Looking perfectly styled or sharp.
  10. Sick – Exceptionally good or cool.
  11. Lit – Extremely good or exciting.
  12. On point – Perfectly executed or looking good.
  13. Fresh – New, unique, or stylish.
  14. Fire – Incredibly good or impressive.
  15. Stunning – Extremely impressive or attractive.
  16. Fit – Good-looking or attractive.
  17. Bomb – Exceptionally good or impressive.
  18. Ravishing – Delightfully attractive or striking.
  19. Bad – Extremely good or sexy.
  20. Killer – Outstandingly good or impressive.
  21. Legit – Genuinely good or impressive.
  22. Slick – Smooth, cool, or suave.
  23. Tight – Neatly put together or stylish.
  24. Rad – Extremely impressive or cool.
  25. Phat – Cool or excellent.
  26. Dashing – Attractively stylish and confident.
  27. Popping – Very popular or fashionable.
  28. Crisp – Fresh and clean in appearance.
  29. Dank – Really good or high quality.
  30. Glam – Very fashionable or beautiful.

Use of Pretty Slang in Example Sentences

Below are example sentences using the slang term Pretty:

  1. She looked so cute in that outfit!
  2. Those shoes are absolutely fly.
  3. Have you seen her? Totally foxy today.
  4. The design of this car is dope.
  5. That new jacket is banging!
  6. She’s absolutely peng in that dress.
  7. The guy at the gym was really buff.
  8. Wow, this new song is hot.
  9. Her makeup was absolutely snatched today.
  10. That trick was sick!
  11. The party last night was lit.
  12. Your new haircut is on point.
  13. I love those fresh kicks.
  14. That painting is fire.
  15. The view from here is stunning.
  16. He’s super fit, don’t you think?
  17. Your new phone is bomb.
  18. She looked ravishing at the party.
  19. That model is bad in the best way.
  20. That performance was absolutely killer.
  21. The dessert tastes legit amazing.
  22. His new car is so slick.
  23. The coordination of the team was tight.
  24. This vintage jacket is so rad.
  25. The sound quality of these headphones is phat.
  26. He always looks so dashing.
  27. The market on Sundays is always popping.
  28. That shirt looks so crisp on him.
  29. The taste of that coffee is dank.
  30. She always has that glam look for events.

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